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Fans have a say on the MAJESTY setlist by WhatsApp!

Veröffentlicht am 23. November 2015 von Markus W. in Majesty, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, News, Tour, NWoBHM

Majesty came up with something very special for the upcoming 2nd leg of their Generation Steel tour. The fans can participate on the setlist by sending a WhatsApp message with the 3 Majesty songs they want to hear live and the location of the show to the band. The 3 songs with most of the votes will be included in the setlist of the respective cities. This also means, that the setlist of every show of the band will be unique!
Simply send a WhatsApp message with your 3 songs and the name of the town where you visit the Majesty show to +49 (0)17634680455
The band accepts your songs until 1 day before the respective show.
Only one vote per phone number per show will be accepted. If you name more than 3 songs only your first 3 songs will be counted!

07.01.2016 Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
09.01.2016 Moerlenbach / Weiher - Live-Music-Hall
29.01.2016 Prague - Nova Chmelnice
30.01.2016 Gadenstedt - Black Hand Inn
12.02.2016 Munich - Backstage Hall
19.02.2016 Oberhausen - Helvete
20.02.2016 Erfurt - From Hell

more dates will be announced soon

Fans have a say on the MAJESTY setlist by WhatsApp!