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CD review VOODOO CIRCLE "Whiskey Fingers"

Veröffentlicht am 25. November 2015 von Markus W. in Voodoo Circle, Classic Rock, Hardrock, Rock, News, CD Review, Whitesnake, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal

(8/10) Voodoo Circle is the brainchild of Silent Force and Primal Fear axeman Alex Beyrodt. The passionate guitarist put together musicians that are all well-known. Next to the mainman himself there is Mat Sinner part of the band as well as David Readman on vocal duties, Francesco Jovino on drums and Alessandro Del Vecchio. Voodoo Circle is the classic rock outlet for those guys. While Primal Fear focusses more on pure power metal Voodoo Circle's sound is more inspired by the 70's rock. Bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow and also Whitesnake are main sources of inspiration for this 'all-star' band.

The foundation stone was laid in 2008 and since than Voodoo Circle releases records on a regular base. "Whishey Fingers" is the newest kid in town and Alex Beyrodt takes it to the nine. Eleven new classic rock tracks are a treat for your ears.

The opener was posted already earlier as the first single. "Trapped in Paradise" is a powerful tune that pushes you back into the 70's. It's a melodic classic rocker twith a lot of passion that starts this rock adventure.

"Heartbreaking Woman" follows before acoustic guitars introduce "Watch and Wait (I Got My Eye on You)". Even though the song becomes a bit more rocking in the chorus, the balladic expression comes always back and makes the tune to a real smasher.

After such an interesting side step the riff returns with "Medicine Man" - in my humble opinion one of the best songs on "Whiskey Fingers". Readman does a fantastic job when it comes to the vocals and the interaction between guitar and hammond is excellent. The song has many parallels with Whitesnake but it's actually better than what David Coverdale released lately.

A power ballad is needed? Yes, and it is called "The Day the Walls Came Down". Not rocket science but very well done and a nice break half way.

The stomping "Heart of Stone" leads to "Straight Shooter"; a midpace tune with a bit of a darker expression. After those two songs it's time for some blues. "The Rhythm of My Heart" is a more silent blues rocker that the flare trousers appeal of the 70's. The tune is a well crafted ballad that is touching. It's a song to close your eyes and dream away. It reminded me a bit to Foreigner in their old "4" days.

"Devil Takes me Down" instead is a fast headbanger, followed by "5 O'clock" which is for sure no soundtrack for teatime. It's more an invitation for a first beer. "Been Said and Done" is the closer and it combines a lot of moments from the earlier numbers. Hammond/guitar duels are included as well as great vocals and a moving beginning. A heavy riff takes over in the middle of the tunes and doesn't let loose till the end.

"Whiskey Fingers" is the fourth album of Alex Beyroth's Voodoo Circle and it is the best release so far. It exceeds the well done earlier longplayers - music with heart, soul and passion.





  1. Trapped in Paradise
  2. Heartbreaking Woman
  3. Watch and Wait (I Got My Eyes on You)
  4. Medicine Man
  5. The Day the Walls Came Down
  6. Heart of Stone
  7. Straight Shooter
  8. The Rhythm of My Heart
  9. Devil Takes Me Down
  10. 5'o Clock
  11. Been Said and Done


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: November 27th, 2015

CD review VOODOO CIRCLE "Whiskey Fingers"