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CD review SKINDRED "Volume"

Veröffentlicht am 10. November 2015 von Markus W. in Skindred, Crossover, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, News, CD Review, Modern Metal, Groove Metal

(8/10) If you want to mix an excellent drink you need the right in incrediences and the right way how to put them together. The new Skindred album reminded me very much to this metaphor.

Skindred's crossover isn't new, at least the idea isn't something new. The guys combine the heavy riffs of metal with hiphop, rap and dub. There have been quite some bands that did such a thing already earlier in time. However, Skindred finds their own niche in this genre and the result is an album that comes with a lot of groove.

"Volume" is the title of the record and it fits. Turn it on - the volume. Those tracks demand to be listen to on 10.

"Under Attack" is the first level in this 14 level experience. A little bit of Rage Against The Machine that comes with this tune, but only as inspiration for the riff and not as a boring copy. The song was already released earlier as an appetizer for the new longplayer and it belongs to the best ones on the album.

What was Rage Against The Machine for the opener is Faith No More for the title song. Here and there Mike Patton and dudes come up to surface, but just as one incredience in a whole set of things.

What gives "Volume" a certain ease are the three intermezzos', simly called "I", "II" and "III". Those short bridges add a tropical reggae vibe, in three variations. Pretty good.

"Volume" is an entertaining release. Skindred proves that crossover isn't dead. You just have to know how to combine stuff, find the right mixture and do it with dedication - like with a drink. Prost.





  1. Under attack
  2. Volume
  3. Hit the Ground
  4. Shut ya Mouth
  5. I
  6. The Healing
  7. Sound the Siren
  8. Saying it Now
  9. II
  10. Straight Jacket
  11. III
  12. No Justice
  13. Stand Up
  14. Three Words


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Crossover

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2015

CD review SKINDRED "Volume"