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CD review SAVIOURS "Palace of Vision"

Veröffentlicht am 14. November 2015 von Markus W. in Saviours, Heavy Metal, News, Power Metal, NWoBHM, CD Review

(7/10) Oakland, California based Saviours have their next album in the shops. "Palace of Vison" is the name of their 5th sutio album that is filled with 10 metal tracks. 

Saviours foundation is back in the 80's. Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and actually the NWoBHM is where the four-piece builds their music on.

Austin Barber, Sonny Reinhardt, Scott Batiste and Andy Andersson are breathing again pure metal on their new longplayer.

The Mountain" is an impressive, and also fast opener that comes with cool leads that remind to the earlier Maiden-days. On the other hand there is a powering beat that is an open invitation for headbanging.

But also Thin Lizzy ("Devil's Crown") gets some attention on "Palace of Vision", followed by the slow and brutal title track. This seven minutes long number reflects the gloomy side of the four-piece. It's a mean riff that dominates the scene, build on a steady beat, while the vocals are full of despair.

With "Burning Shrine" the pace is increasing again. It's a more classic metal track that has a merciless thumping bass and pounding drums.

"The Beast Remains" is another bad-ass metal tune that can cause some severe neck problems due to intensive headbanging. Something, that can also happen during  "The Seeker" that brings doom back into Saviours' sound.

"Palace of Vision" is a metal album for traditionalists in metal. The longplayer isn't really mindblowing, but it's a solid metal record that speads a certain underground vibe that I appreciate.





  1. The Mountain
  2. Flesh of Fire
  3. Devils; Crown
  4. Palace of Vision
  5. Burning Shrine
  6. Hell's Floor
  7. The Beast Remains
  8. Cursed Night
  9. The Seeker


Label: Listenable Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2015

CD review SAVIOURS "Palace of Vision"