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CD review FORBIDDEN SEED "From Sand to Eternity"

Veröffentlicht am 23. November 2015 von Markus W. in Forbidden Seed, Power Metal, News, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal

(7/10) Forbidden Seed is a rather new metal band from Greece. Actually this isn't totalyt right since the first signs of live appeared already 10 years ago when the band started to write first songs. But due to bad circumstances and misfortune the guys never managed to press the tunes on an album.

A 'never give up' attitude changes this as we speak - Forbidden Seed release their first album via Roar Records. "From Sand to Eternity" is the name of the disc that comes with 10 songs and a cineastic intro.

The sound of the five-piece is based somewhere between thrash and power metal. Sometimes it is Metallica that had an impact on Forbidden Seed's sound ("Kill the Sun") while most of the tunes, like "Beginning of the End", are pure power metal with a certain melodic touch. Iced Earth is a band that definitely inspired the Greece guys.

The center of the album is the "From Sand to Eternity" quadrology, placed in the middle of this longplayer. "Blessed are Those" is the first part that comes slow and dark. It's a gloomy steamhammer that is followed by "Desert's Bride". This seven minutes long epos starts slow and acoustic before it builds up into a midpace riff smasher. "Oblivion" sounds more like a clearance after the shaded first two sections. The track is faster and more furious. Small downer, the songs fades out in the end.

"Empire of the Sun" is the last part that reminds to Iced Earth; as some other tunes do too. The number comes with a galopping rhythm and it's also kept in mid speed. 

"From Sand to Eternity" is an interesting album for fans of solid power metal with a certain thrash component. Finally some good news from Greece.





  1. Dawn
  2. Judgement Bell
  3. Beginning of the End
  4. Kill the Sun
  5. Blessed are Those (From Sand to Eternity Part I)
  6. Desert's Bride (From Sand to Eternity Part II)
  7. Oblivion (From Sand to Eternity Part III)
  8. Empire of the Sun (From Sand to Eternity Part IV)
  9. If a Sould is Not Free
  10. Enchanted Grace
  11. Life Itself


Label: ROAR! Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: November 27, 2015


CD review FORBIDDEN SEED "From Sand to Eternity"