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CD review CAGE "Ancient Evil"

Veröffentlicht am 10. November 2015 von Markus W. in Cage, Power Metal, US Metal, News, CD Review, Liege Lord, Heavy Metal, NWoBHM

(8/10) The ones of you that like power metal and US metal are familiar with Cage, the band of metal siren Sean Peck and friends. The guys release a new album called "Ancient Evil"; a longplayer that is filled with a lot of real metal anthems. 

I was grown up with bands like Liege Lord, Lizzy Borden and Omen. So power metal was always one of my most favorite metal genres. The new Cage fits perfect into this context. But the album also triggers something I never thought I would say: The album is too long. 

Even though each of the tracks in itself is a great one a length of 45 minutes would have been enough and the 75 minutes of "Ancient Evil" gives even an excellent album a certain length. In this context less would have been more.

On the other hand Cage solves the situation as good as possible. The first thing is that the conceptual story of the album demands each of the songs and in additon the band adds some musical intermezzos like the intro, outro and "Christ Protect Me" which gives the album some bridging moments.

However, as said, the new album presents Cage in an excellent form and shape. Screaming guitars, a merciless pushing rhythm section and the irresistable vocals of Peck makes the new album to a new star at the power metal firmament.

"Ancient Evil" became a great release from a real metal band. Power metal fans should check out this longplayer.





  1. There Were Others
  2. Ancient Evil
  3. Behing the Walls of Newgate
  4. The Procedure
  5. The Appetite
  6. Cassandra
  7. Blinded by Rage
  8. Tell Me Everything
  9. The Expedition
  10. Beholder
  11. I Have Awakened
  12. Across The Sea of Mandess
  13. To Save Love
  14. Christ Protect Me
  15. Sinister Six
  16. Symphony of Sin
  17. The Antidote
  18. Tomorrow Never Came
  19. It Can't Be


Label: Sweden Music Group

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2015

CD review CAGE "Ancient Evil"