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Live review PRIMAL FEAR, KISSIN' DYNAMITE & more, Heavy Metal Maniacs festival, Amstelveen, 17.10.2015

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Heavy Metal Maniacs is a fan club of heavy sounds and the lifestyle connected to this kind of of music. The club is located in The Netherlands, with having members also in countries like Germany, Canada and some more. 2015 is the year of the 16th edition of their Heavy Metal Maniacs festival and the guys managed to get some great metal bands together, performing on October 17 in the P60 in Amstelveen.

The most known act was the German Metal institution Primal Fear. But also German youngsters of Kissing' Dynamite have been part of the running order as well as Manimal from Sweden, Junkyard Drive from from Denmark, Ancillotti (IT) and the Motörhead cover bans Snaggletoöth from Holland.

Live review PRIMAL FEAR, KISSIN' DYNAMITE & more, Heavy Metal Maniacs festival, Amstelveen, 17.10.2015

The first band that had to enter the stage was Dutch Snaggletoöth.

After a pretty long break it was time for Danish Junkyard Drive. I haven't heard of those guys before but I have to say that there forceful hardrock cocktail tasted very well. Those five boys from Roskilde (this is already a good omen in itself) base their music on bands like AC/DC, Airborne and Guns'n'Roses. Junkyard Drive was the youngest band on this festival but the guys did a really cool job. And last but not least they have a small hit called "Pauline" that is worth to be checked out.

From young to experienced. Italian Ancillotti have been the next one on stage. Their traditional metal fitted perfect to this festival. The four guys had obviously a lot of fun that night and their metal filled the air in P60. Most of the performed tracks have been from their 2014 release called "The Chain Goes On", but also a new song made it on the setlist. "To Hell With You" is taken from the next album and it raises curiousity when it comes to the upcoming longplayer.

Again back to Scandinavia, but we move further to Sweden. Manimal was next. The guys took the long trip from Gothenburg down to Amstelveen to set down a show that was really good. Those guys are in business with Manimal already since 2002 and you could see this experience.

Their biggest success so far was their "The Darkest Room" album, that entered the Swedish charts without being released in other countries. That was in 2009. In the meantime AFM Records takes care about the four Swedes and the new album will be released in November this year. And since the setlist contained quite some songs from "Trapped in the Shadows" the gig of the four-piece became to a special one. Manimal has obviously quite some fans in Holland which gave the band a great time during the 45 minutes long set.

Kissin' Dynamite are still belonging to the younger metal bands, but the guys gained already a lot of experience during the last years. Hannes, Andre, Jim, Steffen and Andi can look back on four albums that have been full of pure metal with a certain glam factor. I personally liked their first two records more than the latest one, however the music of Kissing' Dynamite is made for the stage.

First things that became obvious was the fact that the frontrow changed. All of a sudden the girls moved closer to the stage to celebrate the guys from Swabia. The show of the five guys was pure power from the first to the last song. Combined with typical stereotype posing the show was completely rounded. Music, stage acting, outfit and vibe - all fitted together very well and Kissin' Dynamite inflamed a pure glam metal firework that was highly entertaining. 

The whole thing climxed in a 'Scorpions'-pyramid at the end of an energetic show. Small drop of bitterness was the missing of "Steel of Swabia", but for the rest Hannes and the gang did a great job.

Primal Fear started a bit later than expected, but as soon as the five guys entered the stage it was obvious that they will not take any prisoners tonight. Already before the actual gig started Alex Beyrodt motivated the crowd to scream and shout. The fans accepted this invitation immediatley and the first rows went crazy.

Primal Fear came with two new members. Francesco Jovino was sitting behind the drumkit while Tom Naumann returned on second guitar. However, Primal Fear stood as a rock and the five-piece played tight and powerful. Passion meets professionalism - this describes it best.

Everybody, band and fans, had a lot of fun during these 90 minutes. The setlist had a bit of a focus on the latest album, but in the end it was a well chosen mix of old and new. "Chainbreaker" from the debut has been performed as well as "Final Embrace" from the band second longplayer "Jaws of Death". 

The really cool thing with the band is the fact that, eventhough they developed their sound further, you don't notice any differences between the old and new stuff. It's just Primal Fear. The band has their trademarks when it comes to sound and songs and they handle those with care without copying their own, older, tunes.

Those 90 minutes showed again that Primal Fear is one of the most impactful European power metal bands at the moment and it was great to see them live again.

I have to give the guys of Heavy Metal Maniacs a lot of credit that they managed to get Primal Fear to The Netherlands. Normally the band doesn't get that much further into the country than Venlo and therefore it was great to have them this time in the Randstad. Well done and thanks to all involved for a real metal firework. All in all a night to remember.

The 'Heavy Metal Maniac festival' is a nice small event that is build on a common interest and dedication for hard music. It feels like a 'family' event; something that brings people with the same interest together for listening to excellent music in a relaxed atmosphere. It was my first time at this festival and I'm looking forward already to next years edition; number 17. Horns up.

Setlist Primal Fear:

  1. Intro
  2. Final Embrace
  3. Alive and On Fire
  4. Nuclear Fire
  5. Unbreakable
  6. Seven Seals
  7. Drum Solo
  8. Running in the Dust
  9. Angel in Black
  10. When Death Comes Knocking
  11. Fighting the Darkness
  12. Chainbreaker
  13. Metal is Forever
  14. Delivering the Black (Encore)
  15. Battalions of Hate (Encore)


Setlist Kissin' Dynamite:

  1. Intro
  2. DNA
  3. Running Free
  4. Supersonic Killer
  5. Money, Sex & Power
  6. Maniac Ball
  7. Love Me
  8. Six Feet Under
  9. Sex is War
  10. Hysteria
  11. Ticket to Paradise
  12. Ring
  13. Operation Supernova


Setlist Manimal:

  1. Irresistable
  2. The Dark
  3. The Darkest Room
  4. Shadows
  5. Trapped in the Shadows
  6. Psychpomp
  7. Invincible
  8. I am
  9. Human Nature


Setlist Ancillotti:

  1. Bang Yoyur Head
  2. Devil Inside
  3. Victims of the Future
  4. Living for the Night
  5. Monkey
  6. I Don't Wanna Know
  7. To Hell with You
  8. Legacy of Rock
  9. Warrior


Setlist Junkyard Drive:

  1. Devils Boogie Woogie
  2. Spotlight Rush
  3. Drama Queen
  4. If You Wanna Rock Me
  5. Seaze the Day
  6. Danger Zone
  7. Pauline
  8. Golden Lady


Location: P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Date: October 17th, 2015