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(6/10) German pagan band Varg have a new EP release ready to be published. After all the controverial discussions (and I will open this box again) during the last years the band is working on a new album called "Das Ende aller Lügen" and the current EP is an appetizer to bridge the waiting time.

The title track is called "Rotkäpchen 2015" which is German for 'Red Riding Hood'.  The song is a pure pagan metal beast with a big portion of folk. Next to the title track itself the EP offers you also an English-, an Norwegian-, the 2011 original-, a Bierzelt- and a karaoke version. That's a lot of 'Rotkäppchen' on one disc.

Furthermore you will get two new songs. "Ein Tag wie heute" and "Abendrot" are harsh viking metal tracks, built on a heavy riffing and screeching vocal by Seiler.

Pagan metal doesn't belong to my favorite metal styles and also "Rotkäppchen" will not change this. But fans of Varg will enjoy this EP and don't have to hesitate buying it. For all the others I would say: Not bad but also no milestone.





  1. Rotkäppchen 2015
  2. Ein Tage wie heute
  3. Abendrot
  4. Red Riding Hood
  5. Rødhette
  6. Rotkäppchen 2011
  7. Rotkäppchen 2015 Karaoke
  8. Rotkäppchen im Bierzelt


Label: Naplam Records

Genre: Pagan Metal

Release date EU: October 9th, 2015


CD review VARG "Rotkäppchen" EP
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