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CD review RYKER'S "Never Meant to Last"

Veröffentlicht am 10. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in Ryker's, Sick Of It All, Hardcore, Punkrock, Punk, News, CD Review, Mosh

(8/10) Ryker's, never call them The Ryker's, have released an excellent reunion EP a few months ago that is now followed by a brand new studio longplayer. Perfect news for each hardcore fan. What makes this news even better is the fact that the guys from Kassel might got a few years older but didn't loose any power during this period of absence. It was already inicated by the EP and finds its continuation on "Never meant to last" - the guys are back in old strength. In contrast to the title of the new longplayer I must say that this disc is recorded to last.

The first thing that stands out is the new man behind the mic. Kid-D left the band after many years but there is all good. Ryker's found in no time an excellent replacer. Dennis (aka Sergeant D.) took over the vcoals and he fits perfect to the sound of Ryker's.

Fourteen hardcore tracks fill the album and bring back the typical Ryker's spirit. That the band has still a very solid status in the hardcore scene shows already the fact of a guest appearences like the one of Craig Ahead (Sick Of It All) on the mighty "High Five in Your Face With a Chair".

Furthermore the new album covers all the trademarks of this iconic non-US hardcore band. The five-piece builds in heavy riffs in their songs ("The Tenth Level") which reflects the metal side of Ryker's. Songs like "Pig Justice" have the hardcore groove while "The Downfall" brings an extensive mosh part. And "The Outcast's Voice" reminded me in the end even a bit to the old Spermbirds songs.

"Cowboy Song" is a surprisingly quiet song when it comes to Ryker's. It sounds almost like a Faith No More number and it feels like the silence after the storm. A cool closer of a great new release.

"Never Meant to Last" misses a real outstanding smasher like "Hunting season" but there is enough great stuff on this longplayer that is more than a compensation. Ryker's are back and I hope they came to stay.





  1. My Demons
  2. Fair Play Overrated (feat. Mike Dijan)
  3. Pig Justice
  4. The Outcast's Voice
  5. The Tenth Level
  6. We Ain't Going Away (feat. Samuel El Action)
  7. The Age of...
  8. The Downfall
  9. Back to The People
  10. Enemy of The People
  11. Distractions (feat. Craig Ahead)
  12. Rememberance
  13. High Five in Your Face With a Chair
  14. Cowboy Song


Label: BDHW Records

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: October 16th, 2015

CD review RYKER'S "Never Meant to Last"