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(9/10) Wohoo. Where do those guys all of a sudden come from? The trio is from Landstuhl in Germany and they are playing in the current line-up since end of December last year. Lord Vigo wasn't on my list and I obviously missed their demo EP a few month ago. What a shame. But fortunately No Remorse releases this EP now with two new additional tracks as the band's debut album.

Lord Vigo, who based the band's name on the villian in Ghostbusters II, are one of the biggest surprises to me this year. This band proves that the underground is still alive and vital. The guys came out of nowhere; but with impact. The joy of this album is that it is raw, basic and without any decoration. This album isn't made to be perfect, this disc is meant to be impactful; and it is. Already the fact that the EP was published as tape says a lot.

Lord Vigo plays doom metal that has a big epical component. Sometimes you can hear that Candlemass is one of their inspirations ("Vigo von Homburg Deutschendorf") while other tunes have a Type O'Negative touch ("Ishtar - Queen of the Night"). Next to those tracks there is with "Babylon The Great" a number on the debut that reminded me in the end with the spoken words even to The Bollock Brothers. Really cool stuff.

All the songs are based on mighty doom riffs that gives you the shiver. Vinz Clorthro (Vocals, Drums, Organ), Tony Scoleri (Guitar, Bass), Volguus Zildrohar (Guitar, Bass) have found an excellent mixture of moaning vocal, heavy guitars and great melodylines. What adds to all this are the narrational parts which makes the album to a creepy storytelling experience. Lord Vigo uses this tool cautiously and they never overdo it. The trio found the right dose that strengthen their sound without becoming a 'talking book' like some of the latest Manowar releases.

"The Capathian Sun" is one of the best debuts since quite a while. I guess we will hear a lot more from those three guys in the coming years. In the meantime you should enjoy this longplayer.





  1. Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf
  2. Babylon The Great
  3. Ishtar – Queen Of The Night
  4. The Arrival
  5. Terror Witchtcraft
  6. The Sirens
  7. In Pago Aquilensis (Odium)


Label: No Remorse

Genre: Epic Doom

Release Date EU: November 20st, 2015

CD review LORD VIGO "Under Carpathian Sun"
Tag(s) : #Lord Vigo, #Epic, #Doom Metal, #Heavy Metal, #News, #CD Review, #Candlemass, #Manilla Road, #Power Metal

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