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CD review EKTOMORF "Aggressor"

Veröffentlicht am 24. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in Ektomorf, Thrash Metal, Groove, Heavy Metal, Modern Metal, News, CD Review, Soulfly, Sepultura

(8/10) Almost two years after the pretty good "Retribution" Zoltan Farkas invites to a new 'jump party'.

The groove metal institution didn't only face the glorious side of rock'n'roll. Ektomorf was often described as a copycat of esp. Soulfly but the guys showed over all those years a consistancy that, with all respect, wasn't to find back on the latest Soulfly releases.

"Aggressor" comes with mighty grooving riffs that are an open invitation to jump and bang your head. Farkas and his gang don't care about all the comments they go in the past. They're doing what they love and it feels like the critisism increased the aggression in their sound. Listening to Ektomorf gives me the impression that the guys never reached their comfort zone, which makes the sound of "Aggressor" even hard and brutal.

This kind of music isn't the right stuff for a Sunday afternoon on the couch. This music isn't made for earphones too. "Aggressor" needs to get a live environment in a small and smokey club atmosphere.

Ektomorf are still greedy for good sounds and riffs. The new longplayer proves this very well. Those four guys are still thirsty.

There is one break in the tracklist called "Momento" which is also the end of the album. It's an acoustic track that includes some gypsy sounds and an oriental touch. It's an interesting mixture that fits very well. You can still recognise the tune as being from Ektomorf, even though it sound is totally different from the rest.

I have to say that I like "Aggressor". Regardless of all the bands that might influenced the guys, Ektomorf presents a powerful longplayer that is a sonic energy drink. Prost.





  1. Intro
  2. I
  3. Aggressor
  4. Holocaust
  5. Move On
  6. Evil by Nature
  7. You Can't Get More
  8. Emotionless World
  9. Eastside
  10. Scars
  11. Damned Nation
  12. You Lost
  13. You're Not For Me
  14. Memento


​Label: AFM Records

Genre: Groove Metal

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2015

CD review EKTOMORF "Aggressor"