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(8/10) A few months after having published their debut Deadheads are around with "Loadead". The second album picks it up where "This is Deadheads First Album" stops. Ten new songs will be a serious option for your next party. Ten new songs that are kicking ass from the first note to the last one.

The fact that none of the tracks reaches the four minutes shows clearly that Deadheads didn't start to write epical tunes. They keep their music spot on. Flattened to the minimum this album shines by its purity and simplicity. And it's the frenetic power that speaks for itself with each of the pieces.

So far so good. Deadheads don't get up from bed just to make compromisses. They do what they do best, which is recording hard rock songs.

What is slightly different on the new longplayer compared to the debut is the fact that the classic rock factor slightly increased. Songs like the bluesy "Empty Howles" reflect this very well. And if blues gets alive by emotions Deadheads succeed in this. The tune has a great melody and transports a melancholic blues vibe that is really well done. It's songs like this that gives the album a certain diversity which was less present on the debut. In my opinion a cool next step in the band's development.

But it's mainly the fast and raging anthems like "Let Loose the Fool", "What's true" and the less than two minutes long opener "There's a Hole in the Sky" that covers the main part of the album. Deadheads prove that it's the easy things in life (and music) that are fascinating. Complex doesn't mean better.

"Loadead" can be seen as another album that belongs to the current boom of Swedish classic rock bands. But Deadheads are more. They merge the vibe of classic rock with the rawness of punk which leads to an outstanding album. Deadheads are more alive than ever with this release.





  1. There's a Hole In The Sky
  2. Out Of here
  3. Shine On
  4. Empty Howles
  5. Let Loose The Fool
  6. The Need to Sleep
  7. When Blood Runs Out
  8. What's True
  9. The Horror
  10. UPC


Label: High Roller

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2015

CD review DEADHEADS "Loadead"
Tag(s) : #Deadheads, #Hardrock, #Punkrock, #Heavy Metal, #Classic Rock, #News, #CD Review

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