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CD review CHASTAIN "We Bleed Metal"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in Power Metal, News, Chastain, Heavy Metal, US Metal, Shred, CD Review, CJSS

(8/10) What a blast in 1984 when I heard the first songs from David T. Chastain. It was the second full-length album he released under the header of Chastain, with Leather Leone taking over the vocal duties. This album was a real highlight at that time, esp. since it combined Chastain's filigree guitar play with the rough and unpolished vocals of Leone.

Even though the axemen from Atlanta, Georgia had many other releases as solo albums or with CJSS ("Praise the Loud" is cult too) it was Chastain that sticks out.

"We Bleed Metal" is the next Chastain longplayer, no.10, that follows the 2013 release "Surrender to No One". Nine new tracks found a spot on the tracking list and each of them is a pure power metal pearl, intersperesed by David T. Chastain's shred attacks.

The title track got the honour of opening this album. And energetic power metal blow up in your face, followed by the faster "All Hail The King". This tune is a bit more melodic but still heavy and with Chastain's screaming guitar. Those two tracks are a great double header in the beginning that makes clear what the album stands for - pure headbanging metal.

Next to those smashers there are also slower tunes on "We Bleed Metal". "Search Time For You" reduces speed quite a lot and comes as a doom monster. It's a track with a ten ton hammer riff that is extremely cool.

And also "Evolution of Terror" is kept a bit slower without being silent. The only more quiet moment is actually "The Last Ones Alive" that is a powerful track with an acoustic start.

Chastain is best when he works together with Leather Leone. "We Bleed Metal" is the title and it feels like those guys have pure metal in their veins. Power metal fans, young or old, should check out this release.





  1. We Bleed Metal
  2. All Hail The King
  3. Against All The Gods
  4. Search Time For You
  5. Don' Trust Tomorow
  6. I Am A Warrior
  7. Evolution of Terror
  8. The Last Ones Alive
  9. Secrets


Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: November 6th, 2015

CD review CHASTAIN "We Bleed Metal"