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CD review CEMETARY LUST "Screams of the Violated"

Veröffentlicht am 7. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in Cemetary Lust, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, News, CD Review, Slayer, Dark Angel, Possessed

(8/10) If you miss the old days when Slayer started and bands like Dark Angel and Possessed ignited thrash-/death firework, than I have a recommendation for you. Their name: Cemetary Lust. These guys don't want to experiment with sounds and arcs of melodies. They are here to burn down the house.

From the first second on the guys push the pedal to the metal. "Throw the Switch" is a fast and mean death thrasher with furious leads and endless power. If you think it can't be harder, listen to "Perverted Aggressor". This tune doesn't allow you to breath.  Also the well placed break in the middle of the track fits perfect. This is raw power. It's wild and unbound what Cemetary Lust pressed on "Screams of the Violated".

The thrash thunderstorm continues thoughout the entire album.

There is one moment when the guys decided to reduce speed a bit. "Black Angels of Hell" has at least a slower beginning before the next riff massaker starts.

I'm impressed by this album and everbody who counts "Hell Awaits" and "Darkness Descends" to their favorites needs to check out this album. Two thumbs up and well deserved eight points.





  1. Throw The Switch
  2. Perverted Aggressor
  3. Sexual Maniac
  4. Resurected Whore
  5. black Angels fof Hell
  6. Demonic Demetia
  7. Possessed Confession
  8. Night of the Creep


Label: Hells Headbangers

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release date EU: September 4th, 2015

CD review CEMETARY LUST "Screams of the Violated"