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CD review BRING ME THE HORIZON "That's the Spirit"

Veröffentlicht am 7. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in Bring Me The Horizon, Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal, Modern Rock, News, CD Review

(5/10) The development of Bring Me The Horizon's sound is a quite drastic one. The guys from Sheffield, Yorkshire started as a pure deathcore band before their second album included more metalcore element. That was in 2007/2008. In the meantime the five-piece have left those fields too and the newest release is more pop-based modern rock. What a journey.

"That's the Spirit" is the name of the new longplayer that is filled with 11 new tracks. I wonder if I like this 'spirit'. The above mentioned transformation went further on and Bring Me The Horizon gave up their metalcore roots completely. To develop a band's sound further is one thing, but such a dramatic change is maybe a bit too much.

When I heard the album for the first time and when I heard the opener for the first time I was confused. I wasn't sure if I put the right CD into the player. What reached my ears was closer to some trance music than to Bring Me The Horizon. Songs like "Follow You" aren't better - soft pop melodies that can't be even described as rock; and that have been heard a million times. The same goes for tunes like the bloodless "Run". No lsoul, no life, no spirit.

And if all of a sudden a harder riff appears, like in "Happy Song", Bring Me The Horizon immediately kills it with some sticky keyboards.

The album isn't really bad and there are some moments/songs that have their charm. But all in all I have a hard time to link what I heard on "That's the Spirit" to what band stood for in the past. Even the catchy predessor had some wild songs like "Shadow Moses". Maybe it would have been better to combine such a drastic development with a change of the band's name since the main trademarks are gone. It feels like transforming a Ferrari into an Opel Astra by still naming it Ferrari.

However, their is at least a consistency in change, wether we like it or not. "That's the Spirit" will reach even a broader mainstream target group, but it also leaves the fields of dirty powerful metalcore far behind.





  1. Doomed
  2. Happy Song
  3. Throne
  4. True Friends
  5. Follow You
  6. What You Need
  7. Avalanche
  8. Run
  9. Drown
  10. Blasphemy
  11. Oh No


Label: RCA Int. (Sony Music)

Genre: Pop Metal

Release date EU: September 11th, 2015

CD review BRING ME THE HORIZON "That's the Spirit"