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CD review '77 "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Oktober 2015 von Markus W. in '77, ACDC, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Rock, News, CD Review, Blues, Thin Lizzy

(7/10) You could make life easy for yourself and label '77 as the Spanish AC/DC. But this would be far too easy, even though the five-piece from Australia can be seen as a major inspiration for '77's sound. But the four-guys from Barcelona are more than just a copycat.

'77 at its best is what you get if you see them live. I still can remember their great performance when they opened for Audrey Horne a few months ago. Their show was fully based on power and energy, all combined with well-crafted hardrock songs that are made for a party.

The new album "Nothing's gonna stop us" has the gained self-confidence of the guys already in its name. The bands forth longplayer is a next step for '77 that takes them a bit away from AC/DC by adding some more Thin Lizzy and 70's Kiss to their sound. Traditional classic rock also gains momentum when it comes to those guys. This is something that I had to get used to, but after a few times listening to the album I have to say that it makes sense.

The four guys from Spain don't reinvent rock'n'roll, but the enjoy it and they live rock'n'roll. '77's music makes fun, is entertaining and, again, works best in a live environment.

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" is a cool 70's based hardrock album that gives you a good time. Check it out.





  1. It's Alright
  2. Tonight
  3. Come & Join Us
  4. Street Dogs
  5. Nothin' Gonna Stop Us Now
  6. GMDF
  7. Tightrope
  8. Still Waiting
  9. No One Like You
  10. She Makes Me
  11. Too Young to Go
  12. We Want More Rock and Roll


Label: Century Media

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2015


CD review '77 "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us"