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CD review THE BOSSHOSS "Dos Bros"

Veröffentlicht am 19. September 2015 von Markus W. in The Bosshoss, Rock, Country, News, CD Review, Folk, Hardrock

(8/10) Ten years ago The Bosshoss from Berlin, Germany released their first album called "Internashville Urban Hymns". From this moment on the band constantly developed their sound and became to one of the most popular German acts.

The main trademark of Boss Burns and Hoss Power is the mixture of country, rock and metal. In the early days the guys covered various songs and gave those a unique country rock touch. Highlights like "Jesus Built My Hotrod" from Ministry and Plastic Bertrand's "Ça plane pour moi" are awesome interpretations that still get some rounds on my record player.

From "Stallion Battalion" onwards The Bosshoss started with own songs. Right in time, but the question that came up was, if they could continue with their successtory by releasing own songs. Yes, they could.

End of September we can welcome the eighth album of the Spree-rockers from Berlin. "Dos Bros" contains eleven songs. On an extra CD the guys go back to their early days and recorded some covers - some of those done with their jury-colleagues from the "Voice Of Germany" days.

But let's focus on the 'real' album first. The longplayer starts with a typical rockin' country track a la The Bosshoss. "Wait For Me" is a cool opener, but the title track, following the opener, is the first real burner on the new disc. Not for nothing this number became the first single release; by the way with a cool video.

With "Joyride" an acosutic country track follows before "Today Tomorrow Too Long Too Late", an Elvis-like rocker, takes over. The song is easy going and invites to lean back and enjoy life.

"I Like It Like That" grooves pretty well and the whistling in "Star Of The Roadcrew" adds a western touch to The Bosshoss' sound. Things get harder again with "She Is A Little B". Drums kick-off this tune and the beginning sounds almost like Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills". I like The Bosshoss' most when they play harder and with a real rock'n'roll vibe. "She Is A Little B" belongs to this catergory and therefore it's for me one of the best tracks on the album. More of this please.

The next piece is called "Tennesee Woman". It's an excellent smasher that could also come from Everlast. The piano plays an important role in "I'm Coming Home"; a song that has a Southern Rock flair. The beginning of "Lady JD" reminded me to "The Fall Guy" while the tune itself is a soulful ballad that reflects The Bosshoss' mellow side. The closer is called "A Cowboys Work Is Never Done" which a more average song on "Dos Bros".

As mentioned earlier, CD 2 comes with cover versions that are interpreted The Bosshoss style. The most standing out cover is Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" which got a total new expression. The other songs are more a kind of revisit of the early days. Tracks like "Walking Away" with Rea Garvey are well done. The same goes for The Commodores' "Easy", eventhough the ultimate cover was done by Faith No More some years ago.

To sum up: The Boshoss has shown in ten years a constant development by gaining more and more new fans. With "Dos Bros" the guys continue walking on this road to success and fans of the Berlin-based cowboys will have fun with new album. I personally missed a few more real hits on the album. The density was bigger on the last releases. Also after a few rounds on the record player it's the title track that is the real smaher. The rest is good stuff and well done, but not real standing out. However, "Dos Bros" is an album that let the sun shine during grey autumn days.





CD 1:

  1. Wait For Me
  2. Dos Bros
  3. Joy Ridin'
  4. Today, Tomorrow, Too Long, Too Late
  5. I like it like that
  6. Star Of The Roadcrew
  7. She Is A Little B
  8. Tennessee Woman
  9. I'm Coming Home
  10. Lady JD
  11. A Cowboys Work Is Never Done

CD 2:

  1. No Diggity (feat. Xavier Naidoo)
  2. Jolene (feat. The Common Linnets)
  3. Geronimo (feat. Aura Dione)
  4. The Beautiful People
  5. Walking Away (feat. Rea Garvey)
  6. What I Did For Love (feat. Nena)
  7. Candy Shop
  8. Thrift Shop
  9. Easy
  10. Boom Boom (feat. Graveltones)


Label: Universal Music

Genre: Country Rock

Release Date EU: September 25th, 2015

CD review THE BOSSHOSS "Dos Bros"