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CD review SKEPTICISM "Ordeal"

Veröffentlicht am 13. September 2015 von Markus W. in Skepticism, Funeral Doom, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review, Dark Metal

(8/10) Skepticism doesn't stand for light, hope and a happy life. It's more doubts, darkness and insecurity that's reflected.

Considering all this, Skepticism has chosen an excellent name for their band.

Songs in deep minor take you on a gloomy journey into the depth of eternal darkness. Ten tone hammer-like riffs sound as if they would come right out of the grave. Slowly those heavy sounds tear you down to the South of heaven and you can't escape.

The recording of "Ordeal" was something extraordinary. Instead of following the typical studio recording process Skepticism decided to record live in the Klubi in Turku. You can hear this special atmosphere since the music sounds very authentic and organic. The session was also taped as a film document that will be released together with the CD/LP.  

Musical highlights are the two epical tunes called "March incomplete" and "Closing music". The first one is a super slow track that is pure desperation. A song that shouldn't be played during grey November days. "Closing music" has a similar length but another expression. It's bigger when it comes to sounds and feels more like revelation than endless melancholy. It is a cineastic instrumental that is my personal fave on this album.

"Ordeal" is a solid funeral doom album that has its moments and that lives by the great idea of recording live in a club environment. Maybe Skepticism aren't Champions League, but they are in the upper third of the Premier League. Genre fans will love the album.





  1. You
  2. Momentary
  3. The departure
  4. March incomplete
  5. The road
  6. Closing music
  7. Pouring
  8. The march and the stream


Label: Svart Records

Genre: Funeral Doom

Release Date EU: September 18th, 2015

CD review SKEPTICISM "Ordeal"