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CD review MAD MAX "Thunder, storm and passion"

Veröffentlicht am 8. September 2015 von Markus W. in Mad Max, Hardrock, Rock, Heavy Metal, NWoBHM, Melodic Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) Why does 'thunder', 'storm' and 'passion' sounds so familiar while thinking about Mad Max. Oh yes, those words have been part of the bands first three releases for Roadrunner Records back in the 80's. "Rollin' thunder", "Stormchild" and "Night of passion" are crucial records when it comes to German hardrock and metal. 

After having been stopped with the band in the 90's, Michael Voss re-started Mad Max around 2000 with the "Never say never" album, before another 5 years break put all further band activities on hold. 

It was in 2006 when "Night of white rock" marked the next, more serious attempt, to blow life into Mad Max again. This time things turned out to be really successful and Michael Voss, Jürgen Breforth, Thomas Bauer and Axel Kruse - the current line-up - released powerful metal records like the last one called "Interceptor".

This "Best-of..." record is a trip back in time. It's a clear statement that next to the cool new records also the 'old songs' are great stuff to listen to. For some of the younger fans "Thunder, Storm & Passion" offers an excellent overview when it comes to the roots of Michael Voss' Mad Max. For fans from the early days this album is a brilliant reminder of a time when metal gained momentum.

All done right by Mad Max and great to have the guys still around. Keep on rockin'.





  1. Fly Fly Away
  2. Losing You
  3. Rollin' Thunder
  4. Thoughts Of A Dying Man
  5. Never Say Never
  6. Lonely Is The Hunter
  7. Stormchild
  8. Heroes Die Lonely
  9. Burung The Stage
  10. Wait For The Night
  11. Night Of Passion
  12. Hearts On Fire


Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: August 28th, 2015

CD review MAD MAX "Thunder, storm and passion"