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(9/10) Creativity demands freedom and freedom is based on independency. All this comes back on the new solo album of Rolling Stones guitar legend Keith Richards. This guy has an untouchable status when it comes to rock music and "Crosseyed Heart" is his personal album which brings rock music back to its core.

20 years after having published the last solo record Keith Richards offers a bunch of new songs that combine minimization and variety. This could be seen as a contradiction, but the Stones guitarist proves that this isn't the case.

First of all "Crosseyed Heart" sounds pure and reduced. It feels like Richards took away all bells and whistles. This album comes with hot rock songs that are all basic and easy-going. The influential guitarist from Dartford, UK comes up with excellent riffs and harmonies just like this. It feels like those excellent combined chords just want to get out of him.

"Crosseyed Heart" brings many influences together to a thrilling musical experience.  "Trouble" was chosen to become the first single - a good choice. It's straight-forward rock song without frills. It has a cool groove and 'trouble' doesn't seem to be something bad, listening to this tune.

Something new are reggae influences that can be found back in some of Richards' new songs. The smooth "Love overdue" comes with those and it's not only influences; basically it's a pure reggae song that fits perfect into the context of the other numbers on "Crosseyed Heart".

Furthermore you'll find soulful tracks like "Suspicious" on this longplayer as well as bluesy rockers ("Blues in The Morning"). But also the more melancholic and dark side of life is present on the solo release. "Illusion" has a Leonard Cohen touch. The piano-based song slightly differs from the rest on "Crosseyed Heart" and still sounds like a Keith Richards composition.

"Crosseyed Heart" is an album that should be part of each serious rock album collection. Regardless if you're more into metal, rock or whatever; this guys wrote and still writes music history. This is his newest thrilling chapter and it doesn't seem to be the last one. Hats off.





  1. Crosseyed
  2. Heartstopper
  3. Amnesia
  4. Robbed Blind
  5. Trouble
  6. Love Overdue
  7. Nothing on Me
  8. Suspicious
  9. Blues in The Morning
  10. Something For Nothing
  11. Illusion
  12. Just a Gift
  13. Goodnight Irene
  14. Substantial Damage
  15. Lover's Plea


Label: EMI/Universial

Genre: Rock

Release date EU: September 18th, 2015

CD review KEITH RICHARDS "Crosseyed Heart"
Tag(s) : #Keith Richards, #Rolling Stones, #News, #CD Review, #Rock, #Classic Rock, #Hardrock

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