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(8/10) You haven't heard about Devil City Angels yet? Could be since their foundation took place in 2014. But what you for sure know are names like Rudi Sarzo, Tracii Guns, Rikki Rocket and Brandon Gibbs. Yes, indeed; those guys played in bands like Poison, The Gibbs Brothers , L.A. Guns, Quiet Riot and with Ozzy Osbourne.

First conclusion: New band, professional musicians

The music of this four-piece is pure hardrock with a big blues touch. Not a big surprise with the mentioned background. I want to avoid the term 'all star band' in this context. Devil City Angels sound more like a real band than musicians that just came together for a project. These guys play tight and the songs on the debut are passionated rockers, done by dedicated rockers.

Second conclusion: A lot of passion

The  sound of Devil City Angels reflect pretty much the musical background of the four guys. There is the sweet sugar that comes from Poison, the pumping groove from Sarzo and the sleazy guitars from Tracii Guns.

"Numb", the opener, is a grooving rocker a la L.A. Guns while "Boneyard" brings the blues into "Devil City Angels". "I'm living" is inspirend by Poison and "Goodbye forever" represents the balladic, gentle side of Devil City Angels. And with "All I need" the album comes with a catchy rock tune that gives you a good time.

Third conclusion: Cool songs

"Devil City Angels" sounds modern and fresh by still keeping up the spirit of the 70's and 80's. This is an album that spreads a certain ease and is just great to listen to.

Fourth conclusion: I LIKE.





  1. Numb
  2. All My People
  3. Boneyard
  4. I'm Living
  5. No Angels
  6. Goodbye Froever
  7. Ride With Me
  8. All I Need
  9. Back To The Drive
  10. Bad Decision


Label: Century Media

Genre: Hardrock

Release date EU: September 11th, 2015

CD review DEVIL CITY ANGELS "Devil City Angels"
Tag(s) : #Devil City Angels, #News, #CD Review, #Hardrock, #Classic Rock, #Sleaze Rock, #Ozzy Osbourne, #Quiet Riot, #L.A. Guns

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