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CD review DETH ENEMY "Unmovable"

Veröffentlicht am 26. September 2015 von Markus W. in Deth Enemy, News, CD Review, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal

(8/10) Australia's Deth Enemy started as a cover band and decided in 2011 to round off this era. The Caiulo brothers, Al and Frank, took the decision to write own songs, inspired by their idols like Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake.

"Unmovable" is the debut of the two guys who found with Tom E. Morrison a partner in crime for the production. It was Pink Floyd's sound engineer Andy Jackson that was contacted by the brothers to do the mastering of the demo. Impressed by the quality of the songs he established the contact to Morrison who also recognized the potential of Deth Enemy.

After I have heard the album a few times I can understand why Jackson was excited about what he heard. Deth Enemy plays crunchy hardrock that reminded me to Skid Row when it comes to the power in their sound. But it was also Whitesnake that came to my mind when I heard songs like "Dark Side of The Blues". And "The Hammer" comes with a stronger blues rock touch as well.

Next to those tracks there is with "C.O.D. (Call of the Devil)" is a cool rocking opener with a steady pushing beat. "When An Angel Falls" became a well done power ballad while "Crucifier" is a heavy sonic steam hammer. This means that "Unmovable" contains everything needed for a good hardrock album.

To sum up: "Unmovable" stands like a rock. It comes with well-crafted hardrock songs that includes excellent hooks and the level of  hardness that is needed. It is great music that never feels bloodless or boring. Those guys know how to rock and I guess we will hear more of them in the future. And even though AC/DC gets older rock is still alive in Down Under.





  1. C.O.D. (Call of the Devil)
  2. One Thousand Years
  3. Wicked World
  4. When An Angel Falls
  5. Dark Side of The Blues
  6. The Hammer
  7. Disciple
  8. Devil's Playground
  9. I Believe in Angels
  10. Ordinary People
  11. Crucifier
  12. Open Your Heart


Label: Big Sky Song Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 25th, 2015


CD review DETH ENEMY "Unmovable"