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CD review AXXIS "25 Years Of Rock & Power"

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2015 von Markus W. in Axxis, CD Review, News, Hardrock, Melodic Metal, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal

(8/10) The title says it all. Axxis from Germany celebrates/celebrated their 25th anniversary. This is a real moment to stand still and celebrate. No, actually it's a real moment to party and celebrate. And how could you do this better as being a band than playing an anniversary show.

Axxis did this in December 2014 in the Zeche, Bochum were the guys burned down the house with their melodic metal power. Together with enthusiastic fans and some special guests (Doro, Victor Smolski, Hannes Braun) Bernhard Weiss and band mates played a long setlist that shows how many great songs the guys have in petto.

That Axxis is still around is based on the willpower of Weiss, who is the only still active founding member. Together with keyboarder Harry Oeller the singer/guitarist went through thick and thin with the band. Their dedication for what they are doing made Axxis even surviving the 'unmetallic' 90's and it's well deserved to look back on this successful history with many musical highlights.

This fantastic moment in December 2014 was captured and will be released in audio and video. The 28 songs (one is the announcement in the beginning) are well chosen. They are a journey through Axxis discography with also an acoustic middle part ("Julia", "Another Day" and "Ships Are Sailing").

That I like the older songs like "Living In A world" and "Living In A Dream" most is just a personal preference. Not more and not less. Each of the 28 tunes is worth to be on this album.

But the best tracklist on a live album doesn't work without a good sound. Of course Axxis took care about this and gave "25 years of Rock & Power" and excellent sonic expression that is clear and very authentic. 

Conclusion: If you missed the show, go for this album. If you are a fan from the early days, go for this album. If you never heard about the band, go for this album.





  1. Announcement
  2. The Kingdom Arise
  3. Kingdom Of The Night II
  4. Rolling Like Thunder
  5. Little War
  6. Love Is Like An Ocean
  7. Living In A Dream
  8. Hall Of Fame
  9. 21 Crosses
  10. Tales Of Glory Island
  11. Heaven In Paradise
  12. Angel Of Death
  13. Julia
  14. Another Day
  15. Ships Are Sailing
  16. We Are The World
  17. Venom
  18. The war
  19. Take My Hand
  20. Dance With The Dead
  21. Fire and Ice
  22. Heavy Rain
  23. Heaven In Black
  24. My Little Princess
  25. Little Look Back
  26. Stay Don't Leave Me
  27. Living In A World
  28. Kingdom Of The Night
  29. Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye


Label: Phonetraxx

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release date EU: October 9th, 2015

CD review AXXIS "25 Years Of Rock & Power"