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CD review ANNIHILATOR "Suicide society"

Veröffentlicht am 6. September 2015 von Markus W. in Annihilator, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, News, CD Review

(9/10) The fact that Annihilator are still around deserves already a lot of respect. Having had four great records in the beginning, the band had to suffer, like many other bands in metal, from the upcoming grunge boom and the less interest in thrash metal and heavy metal in general. Creativity was more and more replaced by 'survival' which had an impact on the songs, which made 'survival' even more to a challenge. 

Jeff Waters managed to break this vicious circle with the 2007 release "Metal". Nomen et omen could have been the header for this album. Waters began a new era, with a new singer called Dave Padden, and things all of a sudden started to get better and more successful again.

"Annihilator" and "Feast" followed; records that became even more successful than "Metal". The newest kid in Annihilator-town is called "Suicide Society" and it could be the beginning of another Annihilator era. Dave Padden left the band due to personal reasons; a shock for Water - at least for a few days. After having checked some potential new singers, without finding one where thechemistry clicked, the guitar wizard decided to do the vocals himeself. This isn't the first time that we hear Waters also singing, but this time he took some vocal lessons beforehand which I think can be heard back on each track.

As with all Annihilator albums there isn't just 'one sound' on the longplayer. The songs of "Suicide Society" are diverse as always - hold together by Waters' extraordinary guitar play.

The most brutal oldschool thrash songs are "My Revenge", "Narcotic Avenue" and "Death Scent". Those are thrash anthems that take no prisoners. Songs that reflect the earlier days of the band. 

Than there is a tune called "Snap" on the record which is the most unusual song Annihilator ever recorded. It comes with a very dominant bassline, has a dark vibe, is quite slow and very rhythm based. The chorus is very melodic and builds a counterpart to the verse. 

The closer of "Suicide Society" is called "Every Minute". It is a simple straight-forward song that is kept a bit faster in the chorus while having silent elements with a certain ease.

I could imagine the "Suicide Society" becomes another successful record of Jeff Water's Annihilator and we can already positively looking forward to autumn when the band comes to Europe for a headliner tour. Horns up.





  1. Suicide society
  2. My revenge
  3. Snap
  4. Creepin' again
  5. Narcotic avenue
  6. The one you serve
  7. Break, enter
  8. Death scent
  9. Every minute


Label: UDR

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release date: September 18th, 2015

CD review ANNIHILATOR "Suicide society"