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CD review 21 OCTAYNE "2.0"

Veröffentlicht am 30. September 2015 von Markus W. in 21 Octayne, Hardrock, News, Alternative Rock, Rock, CD Review

(7/10) The title says it already. "2.0" is 21 Octayne's second release. It was a year ago when Hagen Grohe (v), Marco Wriedt (g) and drummer Alex Landenburg presented their debut album. "Into the Open" was well received and got good feeback. It contained fresh hardrock songs that have been very catchy.

However, 21 Octayne didn't forget to also put some metal in their melodic track for the second strike. "Devil in Disguise" is a good example herefore. Crunchy riffs and rough vocals are the main characteristics of this track. Songs like "Take Me Back" and "The Circle" are dashing hardrockers. "Loves Just A Heartbeat Away" brings back the times when Bon Jovi wrote really good song while "When You Got" became a bit too cheesy. The number is OK but the pop appeal is a it overdone. 21 Octayne might get some airplay with this composition, but there is better stuff on "2.0".

Something far more exciting comes in the end. It seems like long songs being very trendy at the moment. 'The longer the better' could be the motto in these days. Also 21 Octayne wrote a ten minutes long song and named it "Tale of A Broken Heart". It's the last song on "2.0" and it starts silent with guitar and vocals before the number turns into a harder melodic rocker that is not rocket science but very well crafted. It is entertaining, like the unexpected middle section. Actually "Tale of a Broken Heart" is a coll finale furioso.

"2.0" provides you with easy going rock music that is your soundtrack for a good time. The album became a solid next step for 21 Octayne that stengthens the musical foundation of the guys.





  1. Devil in Disguise
  2. Take Me Back
  3. When You Go
  4. Love's Just a Heartbeat Away
  5. Take Me Away
  6. Lost
  7. The Circle
  8. Date With Myself
  9. Fly With Me
  10. Tale Of A Broken Child


Label: Suburban Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release date EU: September 25th, 2015

CD review 21 OCTAYNE "2.0"