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CD review SAHARA SURFERS "High lands"

Veröffentlicht am 7. September 2015 von Markus W. in Sahara Surfers, Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, News, CD Review, Stoner Rock

(7/10) Imagine: almost 40 degrees celcius, the sun is burning down, cloudless sky, stoney landscape and sweating all over. This sounds like standing in the middle of a desert. But this is how partly the weather has been in Tyrol this summer - at least when I was there.

I don't know, if this inspired the Sahara Surfers to write some stoner rock songs. Anyhow, they do and they are releasing already their third album called "High lands".

"Traces" is the opener of the record - a song showing that Sahara Surfers is more than only stoner rock. The three guys and singer Julia Ueberbacher spice it up with some alternative rock.

Talking about Julia Ueberbacher; her female voice fits very well to the sound of the band. She has a lot of feel in her vocals that goes from fragile and melancholic to powerful and strong. Sometimes like in the 20 minutes long "Ghost" it's her vocals that even brings some classic rock a la Spiders into Sahara Surfers sound.

The stoner elements are mainly based on the guitar riffs, like in tracks such as "Feels like riding" and "Charma".

The last track on "High lands" is called "The thief". This number is different from the rest since it is a purely acoustic track. It's Ueberbacher's soulful voice and an acoustic guitar only. All the unnessesary ballast is thrown overboard and the guys focus on the core. The result is an exciting 'ballad' that shows the emotional side of Sahara Surfers.

The four guys prove the Tyrol has more to offer than mountains, skiing, Schnitzel and Volksmusik. There is a metal scene in Innsbruck and bands like Sahara Surfers adds to keep it alive and kicking. Good stuff for your ears.






  1. Traces
  2. Feels like riding
  3. Grey spring
  4. Charma
  5. Ghost
  6. The thief


Label: Sound Zero

Genre: Stoner Rock

Release date EU: September 21, 2015

CD review SAHARA SURFERS "High lands"