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CD review PENTAGRAM "Curious volume"

Veröffentlicht am 25. August 2015 von Markus W. in Pentagram, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, News, CD Review

(7/10) The masters of riff celebration are back with a new album. Doom legends Pentagram have a new longplayer in the starting block; ready to enter the world of doom.

Four years after the very well perceived "Last rites" Bobby Liebling and friends have written eleven new songs that reminds more to the earlier day. "Curious volume" is again more metallic and also harder than the predecessor.


Like so often also this time the line-up changed. Even though I must say that having with Greg Turley 'only' a new bass player feels like a minor adjustment compared to the immense amount of musicians that have been part of the band earlier. 


So, what can we expect from "Curious volume".  That Pentagram knows how to let down-tune guitars sing and down-pace riffs makes the sound to an intesive metal experience. Not to forget Bobby Lieblings unique vocals. Pentragram is an underground legend - Anvil of doom.


The more than four decades of experience with Pentagram and other bands can be heard back in each tune on the new longplayer. But I also have to say that "Curious volume" isn't that thrilling as I was hoping for. Doom rockers like faster "Misunderstood", the classic rocker "The tempter push" and the slow groover "Close the casket" are cool songs - no doubt. 


But on the meantime also newer bands jumped on the bandwagon which gave doom-based classic rock a revival. And bands like The Skull delivered quite impressive records too.  However. Pentagram was a crucial band for developing this genre and this asks for respect.


"Curious volume" is a solid album of highly experiences guys. But Pentagram has one foot on the break. Anyhow, already based on the cult-factor this record should be part of your metal collection. 







  1. Lay down and die
  2. The tempter push
  3. Dead bury dead
  4. Earth flight
  5. Walk alone
  6. Curious volume
  7. Misunderstood
  8. Close the casket
  9. Sufferin'
  10. The devil's playground
  11. Because I made



Label: Peaceville

Genre: Doom Metal

Release date EU: August 28, 2015


CD review PENTAGRAM "Curious volume"