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CD review NEW LIGHT CHOIR "Volume II"

Veröffentlicht am 2. August 2015 von Markus W. in New Light Choir, Scorpions, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath, News, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Hardrock, CD Review

(8/10) New Light Choir is a duo. It's John Niffenegger (v, g, b, m-tron) and Chris Dalton (d) that founded the band in 2010 and New Light Choir is so far a pure studio project without having live activities planned yet.

The title of the album leads to an assumption that the new album is already longplayer number two of the duo. No, it's their debut. It comes with ten songs that are mainly inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, Scorpions and Uriah Heep.

"Higher fire" was chosen to be the opener of the record. We are talking about a powerful first track with a galloping rhythm and a good punch. All in all a good start.

The next track is named "All I need" which is a melancholic rock song that reminded me to Nick Cave; at least the music and less the vocals. This 'grey vibe' comes back in a few more numbers like "December flying" and the hypnotic "April witch" - a tune, that belongs to the best ones on the record.

But New Light Choir also knows how to increase speed. Tracks like the awesome "Frost and fire" and the speedy "New light in October" are cool tracks that shows the variability of New Light Choir's sound.

"Volume II" which is actually 'volume I' is a great classic rock album that contains well done songs. Each classic rock and retro fan should check out "Volume II".





  1. Higher fire (Proximity)
  2. All I need
  3. Frost and fire
  4. April witch
  5. Violet skies (from the ashes)
  6. July sky
  7. New light in October
  8. December flying
  9. Darkest of nights
  10. Sea of stars


Label: High Roller

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release date EU: August 7, 2015

CD review NEW LIGHT CHOIR "Volume II"