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CD review DEEP PURPLE "From the setting sun (in Wacken)" & To the rising sun (in Tokyo)"

Veröffentlicht am 30. August 2015 von Markus W. in Deep Purple, Hardrock, News, Live, CD Review, Classic Rock, New, Heavy Metal, Wacken

(*/10) Rock dinosaur Deep Purple surprises us with two live releases this summer. One covers a show the guys did in Wacken in 2013 while the second one was recorded in the legendary Budokan in Tokyo a few months later. 

In this review I can only refer to the CD, but I could imagine that the DVD even underlines the two different set-ups of shows; not when it comes to the songs, more when it comes to the whole environment and vibe.

Let's start with Wacken. I don't have to tell you anything about Europe's biggest metal festival. Playing there in the evening must be an impressive moment for every musician and band. And I guess that it's also for Deep Purple, that has seen quite a lot in the decades of existance, still something special. Wacken itself is the star and fans are coming from all over the world to enjoy the metal party (mainly in Northern German rain). Standing on stage and looking into the sunsert while playing hardrock milestones like "Black night, "Highway start" and "Perfect stranger" must be a magic moment. Obviously also Deep Purple enjoyed playing there. The setlist left nothing to be desired. The mentioned classics have been performed, next to new songs like "Vincent Price" from the last studio release "Now what?!". The moment to remember was when Uli Jon Roth joined the iconic hardrock legend to play "Smoke on the water". It became an impressive and energetic version of a tune generations enjoy since decades. A timeless rock highlight at an outstanding open air.

A counterpoint to the Wacken show was the one in Tokyo. Not only that Ian Gillan and band mates went back to a place where they partially recorded the famous "Made in Japan" album. It's also the venue itself and the total different fan culture that makes the difference. From an acoustic standpoint both releases are done very well even though I think you can hear the high standards in Budokan supporting an excellent sound experience. For the rest I assume, that the DVD offers even more impressions and also puts more emphasis on the differences between the the two shows.

The setlists didn't differ that much which sounds logical but might limit the need of having both live CD's. "...To the rising sun" opens with "Apres vous" from the "Now what?!" album, while the Wacken crowd appreciated "Highway star" that didn't come back on the Tokyo setlist. The new "Uncommon man" has been performed in Tokyo too as well as "The mule" - known from the "Made in Japan" album. So, as said, a few small variations but in general the same set.

All in all those two live releases are very well done - something you expect when the banner of Deep Purple decorates the front cover. It's great songs, different fans, different location, different positive vibe and great hardrock. Something to enjoy.





From the setting sun...

  1. Highway star
  2. Into the fire
  3. Hard lovin' man
  4. Vincent Price
  5. Strange kind of woman
  6. Contact lost
  7. The well-dressed guitar
  8. Hell to pay
  9. Lazy
  10. Above and beyond
  11. No one came
  12. Don Airey solo
  13. Perfect strangers
  14. Space truckin'
  15. Smoke on the water (feat. Uli Jon Roth)
  16. Green onion / Hush
  17. Black night


...To the rising sun

  1. Apres vous
  2. Into the fire
  3. Hard lovin' man
  4. Strange kind of woman
  5. Vincent Price
  6. Contact lost
  7. Uncommon man
  8. The well-dressed guitar
  9. The mule
  10. Above and beyond
  11. Lazy
  12. Hell to pay
  13. Don Airey's solo
  14. Perfect starngers
  15. Space truckin'
  16. Smoke on the water
  17. Green onions / Hush
  18. Black night


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: August 28th, 2015

CD review DEEP PURPLE "From the setting sun (in Wacken)" & To the rising sun (in Tokyo)"
CD review DEEP PURPLE "From the setting sun (in Wacken)" & To the rising sun (in Tokyo)"