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CD review ACT OF DEFIANCE "Birth and the burial"

Veröffentlicht am 23. August 2015 von Markus W. in Act Of Defiance, Megadeth, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Prog Metal, Speed Metal, News, CD Review, Shred

(8/10) When musicians like Chris Broderick, Henry Derek, Shawn Drover and Matt Bachnand team up to write some music it's pretty obvious what the result will sound like. You expect a mixture of aggressive thrash metal, power metal, spiced-up with some progressive elements. And right, that's basically describes the sound of Act Of Defiance.

"Birth and the burial" is the first album of the four-piece that is now available in the record shops. One of the main characteristics of this longplayer is the furious and wild guitar play of Broderick. Reminding to some of the 80's shred icons the guitarist from Lakewood, Colorado can show his full potential on this longplayer. Soli and leads are all over the place, something that makes the record to a real metal highlight.

Next to that it's the shouts of Henry Derek, some of you might know him from Scar The Myth. Those are another dominant trademark of "Birth and the burial". And since he switches to melodic vocallines as well, the whole thing gets even more dynamic. But those two guys can only shine since there is a powerhouse in the background that keeps on pushing. Shawn Drover and Matt Bachnand are the ones providing a more solid foundation for this metal construction.

"Throwback" is one of the highlights on "Birth and the burial". Great that the guys have chosen to put such a furious song on position one in the tracklist. It's a fast metal anthem that comes with an immense riff and an enormous punch. An opener can't be better chosen.

Furthermore there is "Legion of lies" which sounds like a mixture of Testament and Nevermore while "Refrain and re-structure" with it's acoustic beginning buils up to a power metal track with more clean vocals than shouts.

There are also one to two more trivial songs on the album. "Obey the fallen" is one of them. The number stands back behind the other songs and it feels a bit uninspired.

However, Act Of Defiance has done all things right. This led to a powerful, dynamic and modern thrash metal album that delivers great songs for all headbangers. Let's see how things will continue. I hope this is more than just a project. It would be great  if there would be a continuation. Time will tell.





  1. Throwback
  2. Legion of lies
  3. Thy Lord belial
  4. Refrain and re-strucure
  5. Dead stare
  6. Disastrophe
  7. Poison dream
  8. Obey the fallen
  9. Crimson psalm
  10. Birth and the burial


Label: Metal Blades
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release date EU: August 21, 2015

CD review ACT OF DEFIANCE "Birth and the burial"