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CD review DIMINO "Old habits die hard"

Veröffentlicht am 2. Juli 2015 von Markus W. in DiMino Angel, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock, News, CD Review, Kiss, Stryper, Twisted Sister

(7/10) After I have heard the first single form "Old habits die hard" I wasn't really thrilled. But OK, that was one song and the album might convinces more. And yes, it does. After having listened a few times to the longplayer I must say that I really like what DiMino recorded for "Old habits die hard". Maybe it was the long days and the sunny weather that supported this positive impression, but it was for sure not the only reason.

The longplayer comes with eleven songs which are positioned somewhere between melodic metal and traditional hardrock. Frank DiMino, that some of you might know from Angel, a band discovered by Kiss' Gene Simmons, is the mainman and name giver for the group. Next to the singer a few genre heroes have joined in. Guys like Oz Fox (Stryper), Rickey Medlocke (Blackfoot) and former Angel band mates (Punkey Meadows (g) and Barry Brandt (b)) have guest appearances on the album. 

Tracks you should check out are the grooving "I can't stop loving you (is it only me that thinks that DiMino sounds a bit like Biff Byford?).

Also the ballad "Even now" belongs to the good songs on "Old habits die hard". It's not rocket science stuff but it does a good job during a convertable car ride into the sunset.

The counterpart is the fast and furious "Mad as hell". The tune has some classic rock roots and is a real headbanger. The same goes for "The quest".

On the other hand there is "Sweet sensation", the above mentioned first single, which I don't think is that very well made. A bit too trivial. But that's the only small downer.

"Old habits die hard" is a rocking album that has some metalic moments too. It is good time music that fits perfect into the current summer period. Give it a try. 





  1. Never again
  2. Rockin in the city
  3. I can't stop loving you
  4. The rain's about to fall
  5. Even now
  6. Tears will fall
  7. Mad as hell
  8. Sweet senation
  9. Tonight's the night
  10. The quest
  11. Stones by the river


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release date EU: July 3rd, 2015

CD review DIMINO "Old habits die hard"