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CD review VENNART "The demon joke"

Veröffentlicht am 20. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Vennant, Rock, Prog Rock, News, CD Review, Alternative Metal, Oceansize, Biffy Clyro

(8/10) It is ex-Oceansize member and current Biffy Clyro touring guitarist Mike Vennart who is the mainman behind Vennart. "The demon joke" is the debut album of the mulit instrumentaist from the UK and is out in the stores since a few days.

The music on "The demon joke" isn't that easy to describe. On the one hand the album has silent and reflecting moments, while on the other hand you'll find heavy sounds that are pure metal. In general the tunes are softer than what you know from Biffy Clyro and also more introvert than what you might know from Oceansize. This is actually a good thing since it strengthen the diversity of Vennart's solo debut.

One of the more quiet moment is the beautiful "Rebirthmark" that comes with a solid keyboard foundation which creates the stage for great vocal lines. Another example for the width of sounds is the awesome "Don't forget the joker". I was very much reminded to Faith No More in their newer days. And Vennart sounds almost like Mike Patton. The tune starts acoustic and builds up towards the chorus. I even think that this is the best track on the album.

Another shade of sound is "Doubt". What a weird start into the track. Actually it's not only the start, it is the entire track that is more experimental. Sometimes I had the feeling that the number is close to loosing direction. But in the very last moment Vennart adds a twist that brings the tune back on track. Beside all this it is also one of the heavier pieces on the album.

If those mentioned tunes are the more extreme ones, than "Operate" is a track that sits in the middle. It is a melodic rock songs that is just fun to listen to. The catchy chorus makes it to a sing-a-long tune that you can easily keep in mind.

I like Vennart's "The demon joke" since it has a lot of nice nuances which gives the album a lot of diversity. And that's exactely why it makes so much fun to discover "The demon joke". Worth to give it a try.





  1. 255
  2. Doubt
  3. Infatuate
  4. Rebirthmark
  5. Duke fame
  6. Don't forget the joker
  7. Retaliate
  8. A weight in the hollow
  9. Operate
  10. Amends


Label: Superball Music

Genre: Rock

CD review VENNART "The demon joke"