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CD review SHAPE OF DESPAIR "Monotony fields"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Shapes Of Despair, Funeral Doom, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) I wonder why this album was released in summer - almost close to midsummer. November would have been much better. 

For the ones of you who don't know the band, Shapes Of Despair is a band from Finland. The guys started in 1995 as Raven before they changed the band's name into Shapes Of Despair. Their debut "Shades of..." was released in 2000 followed by two more full-length records. 

It took the guys (and girl) from Helsinki till 2015, eleven years after having released the latest longplayer, to come up with "Monotony fields". In total the album covers eight songs - none of those shorter than seven minutes.

The album takes you on a journey through pain and despair. The atmospheric funeral doom of the guys spread a grey veil over everything. It is a view into endless darkness, in a way that gives you the shivers. Even if you're a positive person it's hard to escape from this intensive black masterpiece.

The tiple "Reaching the innermost", "Monotoy fields" and Descending inner night" is already as long as some full-length releases. Atmospheric choral parts, deep growls and might riffs are like a maelstrom into the abyss.

The only little downside of the longplayer is the fact that it became a bit too lengthy. 75 minutes of music is actually someting very positive. But in this particular case one or two songs less would have made the entire package even more exciting.

However, after having listened to the album I can understand now the release date in summer. After such an intensive and fascinating journey through grey 'monotony fields' you're happy to see some sunny daylight again.





  1. Reaching the innermost
  2. Monotony fields
  3. Descending inner night
  4. The distant dream of life
  5. Withdrawn
  6. In longing
  7. The blank journey
  8. Written in my scars


Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Funeral Doom

Release date: Already released

CD review SHAPE OF DESPAIR "Monotony fields"