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CD review SAVATAGE "Return to Wacken"

Veröffentlicht am 10. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Savatage, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, US Metal, News, CD Review, Wacken

(*/10) O man, it took so long to see some signs of life from the mighty Savatage again. Of course, there is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra that celebrates huge successes and their live shows also include a couple of Savatage songs, but it's still something different.

It was the news of the year 2014 when a Savatage show during the 2015 Wacken open air was announced. Was it April 1st? No, the news was real and not a fake. Savatage will perform a show after I don't know how many years.

Prior to this metal highlight of 2015, earMusic releases a "Best of..." album from the iconic power metal band from Florida that contains mainy highlight of their impressive career. 

The songs on "Return to Wacken" have been played in Wacken in 1998 and 2002; that's the link. We are talking about the band's classics only, representing all phases of Savatage. What comes with the album too is a booklet that gives some additional insights into Savatage and personal memories of Jon Oliva.

"Return to Wacken" is an excellent teaser to warm-up for the Wacken show. It shows how important and influencial the band was and is. My hope is, that the guys will enjoy the show and get hungry again for re-activating the sleeping dinosaur.





  1. Hall of the mountain king
  2. Gutter ballad
  3. Believe
  4. Chance
  5. Edge of throns
  6. The wake of Magellan
  7. Dead winter dead
  8. The hourglass
  9. Tonight he grins again
  10. Prelude to madness
  11. When the crowds are gone


Label: earMusic

Genre: Power Metal

CD review SAVATAGE "Return to Wacken"