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CD review MANDOWAR "Hellboys from cow"

Veröffentlicht am 10. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Mandowar, Metallica, Dio, ACDC, Pink Floyd, News, CD Review, Rock, Folk

(3/10) Tom, Nailz and Joe, better known as Mandowar, have a new album in the starting box. "Hellboys from cow" is the title and it is number three already. So far so good.

If you have missed Mandowar so far, don't worry; you haven't missed a lot. What the trio does is to take hardrock-/metal songs and put those in new dresses. It's a kind of folk and polka mix, based on guitar, mandoline and bass. The result is something that was hard to stand for me. 

The first thing is, that such an idea isn't something new. My first reaction was, that this is a The Bosshoss clone, since those two guys also started with covering songs in a country syle way too. However, maybe the music is good. No, it isn't. AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" and "You shook me all night long" ended up in a version that is renamed into "Alexander Strack" and is awful. I guess Angus would never come back to Germany if he would hear this. The same goes for the mighty "Master of puppets" from Metallica. "Engel" that starts with Kindergarten-like recorder isn't much better either. And I'm very happy that Dio doesn't have to hear the "Holy diver" version.  

Where it works best is with Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here" and "(Ghost) Riders in the sky" from Stan Jones, very well known in Johnny Cash's version.

I'm aware that this album should be seen as a fun interpretation. The bad things with humor is, that everybody has a different one. I couldn't smile in these 39 minutes and was happy when the last note was played.

2 points for being brave to do something like this and 1 point for "Wish you were here" - means 3 points in total. There is better stuff to spend the hard-erned money for.





  1. Alexander Strack
  2. Engel
  3. (Ghost) riders in the sky
  4. Hellboys from cow
  5. Holy diver
  6. Kashmir
  7. Master of puppets
  8. Radar love
  9. Wish you were here


Label: Singalongsongs

Genre: Folk Rock

CD review MANDOWAR "Hellboys from cow"