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CD review LINDEMANN "Skills in pills"

Veröffentlicht am 14. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Lindemann, Hypocrisy, Pain, Modern Metal, Industrial, News, CD Review, Rammstein, Emigrate

(7/10) When Peter Tägtgren and Till Lindemann starts a project together you can be sure that this leads to some attention in the metal scene. It was fourteen years ago when the two guys met for the first time in a pub in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. Since that special moment the guys have been in contact and in 2015 they present the result of this long discussed project.

It was just those two guys who worked on the album. Lindemann did the vocals and Tägtgren did all the instruments. So the really curious thing for me was the music that came out of this musical marriage. 

First of all the whole thing sounds much more like Rammstein than what I expected. I had the feeling to listen to Rammstein with some Pain influnces. This isn't a very big surprise but honestly I was hoping for something more innovative than 'just' a kind of 'Rammstein 2.0'. Maybe my expectations have been too high in this case. Hmmm.

The mighty riffs sound very much like from Lindemann's homebase band, the vocals are, of course, similar (just without the rollin' 'r') and the lyrics are also comparable to the ones from Rammstein. Talking about the lyrics; those have been shocking in the beginning of the iconic band from Germany, but in the meantime it is something that lost the provocative potential. "Golden shower" and "Fat" are just two examples that confirms this - nothing to really write home about.

When it comes to the music I mentioned already the closeness to the German industrial metal pioneers. "Golden shower" is a song that also could have been on albums like "Reise, Reise". Also tracks like "Praise abort" isn't a real jaw-dropping experience. It's good industrial metal, that's it.

A song that stands a bit out from the rest is "Home sweet home". The tunes starts as an acoustic ballad before it gains intensity in the chorus. The embedded orchstra adds something extra to this tune that is the best on the album.

What stands like a rock is the production. Tägtgren gave the longplayer a very forceful, nuanced and booming sound which couldn't be done much better. He gave the record the punch that was needed. Well done Mr. Tägtgren.

In it's totality "Skills in pills" isn't a bad album. But it's also not a highlight in 2015. Having in mind that Lindemann teamed-up with a genius like Tägtgren the result could have been much more surprising. It's a missed opportunity for adding a new thrilling chapter to the book of metal. Imagine a mean bastard that combines Rammstein's indutrial metal with Swedish death metal. 

"Skills in pills" is a predictable album that, due to the similarities, will be loved by Rammstein fans. If I have to choose between Lindemann and Kruspe's Emigrate releases I prefer the last mentioned ones, since those are more innovative. "Skills in pills" instead is playing safe.





  1. Skills in pills
  2. Ladyboy
  3. Fat
  4. Fish on
  5. Children of the sun
  6. Home sweet homw
  7. Cowboy
  8. Golden shower
  9. Yukon
  10. Prais abort
  11. That's my heart


Label: Warner Music

Genre: Industrial Metal / Alternative Metal

CD review LINDEMANN "Skills in pills"