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CD review GOTTHARD "Live & bangin'"

Veröffentlicht am 23. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Gotthard, Rock, Hardrock, Sleaze Rock, News, CD Review, Live, Classic Rock

(8/10) Listening to music from Swiss Gotthard was a pleasure for me from the first album onwards. Yes, indeed, the guys had a period when they became a bit too catchy and mainstream. But since a few records they found back to their old strength which is combining crunchy riffs with great melodies. The latest studio album "Bang!" is a good example herefor.

Especially the last four years have been a tougher period for the band after having had the tragic loss of singer Steve Lee. This brought Gotthard into a situation to re-think if they should continue or stop with the band. Last but not least they continued which was a good decision. The live 'offical bootleg' is a big thank you to all the fans that supported Gotthard in the last four years. They have been the main factor for still having the band.

"Live & bangin'" contains 17 tracks and is available only the Gotthard fanshop. 

The album was recorded in 2014 and captures a show the band played in Baar, Switzerland as a part of the "Bang!" tour. The setlist pays special attention to the new songs like "Bang!", "Feel what I feel" and the bit different "C'est la vie". But also older stuff like "Sistermoon" from the "Defrosted" album has been performed. It goes without saying that band hymns like "Lift u up" and Anytime anywhere" have been played as well.

The sound of live recordings is always a point of discussion. Not this time. The production is done very well, which means that "Live & bangin" comes with a very good sound that reflects the live atmosphere in an excellent way. I was often reminded to the show I have seen from the Swiss guys in De Boerderij, Zoetermeer in 2014. Very well done and very authentic.

In the end "Live & bangin'" is exactely what Gotthard mentions on their homepage. It is a big thank you to the fans. It's a live album that is pretty cool; a record that gives you a good time and just makes fun. Thumbs up.





  1. Let me in Katie
  2. Bang!
  3. Get up 'n' move on
  4. Sister moon
  5. Right on
  6. Master of illusion
  7. Feel what I feel
  8. The call
  9. Remember it's me
  10. What you get
  11. The train
  12. C'est la vie
  13. That's it (Car crash)
  14. Mountain mama
  15. Lift u up
  16. Thank you
  17. Anytime anywhere


Label: G. Records

Genre: Hardrock

CD review GOTTHARD "Live & bangin'"