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CD review ABATTOIR "Vicious attack" re-release

Veröffentlicht am 22. Juni 2015 von Markus W. in Abattoit, Overkill, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review, Metallica, Testament

(7/10) I guess that it's a few small things that sometimes decide of being successful or not. Listening to the latest re-release of Abattoir's "Vicious attack" triggered this thought again. The band, that was founded in 1982, had the same starting conditions as genre collesgues from e.g. Overkill. While the New York five-piece is still around, releasing great albums and play well perceived shows it became more quiet around Abattoir. There have been even times when the band disbanded, reunited just to split up again a few years later.
But who knows; maybe the newest re-release if their debut album that might break the spell and brings them back again. "Vicious attack" was the name of the debut album that was initially released back in 1985. The eight songs are all raw thrash metal tracks that presents a hungry young band. The joy with this album is this unique spirit from the eighties thrash metal times. Abattoir's songs aren't the most technical advanced ones. But it's metal that hits you right into the face.
Brutal riffs like in "Stronger than evil" are just awesome. This is pure power, combined with passion and dedication.
Also the title track with the dominant bassline are great. It feels like Overkill meets US metal. If it's needed to place a cover version on an eight song album can be discussed. But since it is a cool and respectless version of Motörhead's "Ace of spades" it's more than OK.
I'm not sure if this re-release will put Abattoir more into the spotlight. But I'm sure that the band will gain some new friends which might lead to a new album. I appreciated the trip back to a time when I discovered my passion for metal.
  1. Screams from the grave
  2. Vicious attack
  3. The enemy
  4. Ace of spades
  5. The living & the dead
  6. Stronger than evil
  7. Don't walk alone
  8. Game of death
Label: Marquee Records
Genre: Thrash Metal
CD review ABATTOIR "Vicious attack" re-release