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Live review AC/DC, Munich, 19.05.2015

Veröffentlicht am 21. Mai 2015 von Markus W. in ACDC, Live Review, News, Hardrock, Rock, Blues, Classic Rock

Already during the day it was very obvious who is in town. The amount of AC/DC shirt was much higher than average. Almost more shirts than Lederhosen.

The show on Tuesday in the Olympiastadion in Munich was the first of two gigs in the Bavarian capitol and the weather God wasn't on the side of band and fans. Eventhough the weather during the day was quite OK the big rain started right in time for the show. Bad, but "Ahahahahaha Thunder".

The last time I have seen the guys from down under was a few years ago in Oberhausen, Germany during the European leg of the "Black ice" tour. I still can remember that the show was a very good one. Therefore I was curiously looking forward to this evening, esp. since the newest album wasn't a real highlight in the career of Angus and Co.

As mentioned, the rain started right in time for the show. However, band and fans couldn't care less. The Olympiastadion was more or less sold out and after the support, blues rockers of Vintage Trouble, did their best to get some energy into the crowd it was time for pure rock'n'roll entertainment.

And this was what happen for almost 2 hours. AC/DC proved the rock isn't a matter of age. It is about attitude and passion. And both was absolutly present in those 120 minutes.

The setlist contained next to the AC/DC classics also the one or the other new song, like "Play ball". But I have to say that the quality of the new material can't reach the level of AC/DC's hits. You could hear it during the show and you could see it in the reaction of the fans.

A definite highlight of the evening was Angus long solo part at the end of "Let there be rock". This guitar maniac couldn't get enough. Standing in the pouring rain he performed a guitar solo that was breath-taking and something you must have seen. And when you thought 'he's done', the guitar wizard appeared behind the drum kit and just continued. Excellent.

What more to say? The sound was fantastic. From the first note on the acoustic in the Olympiastadion was perfect, the sound was clear and diverse and had a punch that you could escape from. The lightshow was a very professional one too. It wasn't overdone but well-done. Of course 'Rosie' appeard during the song, the cannons fired and the bell was tolling. Everything was in place what needs to be part of a good AC/DC show.

It was a great evening in Munich and if AC/DC can keep this high level of performance it would be great if they at least continue going on tour.



  1. Rock or bust
  2. Shoot to thrill
  3. Hell ain't a bad place to be
  4. Back in black
  5. Play ball
  6. Dirty deeds
  7. Thunderstruck
  8. High voltage
  9. Rock'n'roll train
  10. Hells bells
  11. Baptism by fire
  12. You shook me all night long
  13. Sin city
  14. Have a drink on me
  15. Shot down the in flames
  16. T.N.T.
  17. Whole lotta Rosie
  18. Let there be rock
  19. Highway to hell (Encore)
  20. For those abut to rock (Encore)


Date: 19.05.2015

Location: Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany


Photo: Markus Wiedenmann

Photo: Markus Wiedenmann