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CD review SIX FEET UNDER "Crypt of the devil"

Veröffentlicht am 3. Mai 2015 von Markus W. in Six Feet Under, News, CD Review, Death Metal, Thrash Metal

(8/10) Chief growler Chris Barnes and his gang is back with their newest longplayer "Crypt of the devil". And it seems that the move from sunny Florida to the the more rainy Seattle has added something. Where ever the refreshment comes from, the new album has gained from it. I was honestly a bit bored by the latest releases. I missed the highlights and things started to sound a bit too much average.

The new album brings Six Feet Under back into the spot light - or should I say they stepped out of the coffin again. The concept behind "Crypt of the devil" is a typical one for the four-piece band. It's, as Barnes states, a "winding journey" though the mind of a serial killer. So typical Six Feet Under stuff.

But what makes the album to a really good one is the music. It seems that creativity has been the best friend of the band during the songwriting period. Six Feet Under is not known for complex music. They are known for mighty riffs, mercyless guitars, a hammering beat and deep growls. Those are the trademarks of the guys and they are embedded in each of the the songs. 

Highlights on the album are the mean "Open coffin orgy" with the brutal riff, the grooving death metal anthem "Break the cross in half" and the furious "Slit wrists". But also the dynamic "The night bleeds" with the breaks and guitar leads sound pretty cool. Not to forget the unexpected staccato vocal part in the middle of the tune.

Six Feet Under found with "Crypt of the devil" back to old strength. Old school US death metal a la Florida comes in the meantime from Seattle. What a shift.





  1. Gruesome
  2. Open goffin orgy
  3. Broken bottle rape
  4. Break the cross in half
  5. Lost remains
  6. Slit wrists
  7. Stab
  8. The night bleeds
  9. Compulsion of power
  10. Eternal darkness


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Death Metal

CD review SIX FEET UNDER "Crypt of the devil"