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(8/10) FDA Rekotz surprised in the last months with some very exciting releases when it comes to death metal. Chapel Of Disease and Weak Aside are just two of those bands that published thrilling CD's during the last months.

In May there are two more of those excellent records waiting to be shipped to the record stores. Next to Revolting (see review) it is German Discreation that has a new longplayer in the pipline. The five-piece band from Hanau has ten new death metal bullets waiting to be fired right into your ear-channel.

The main pillars behind the band are bassist Peter Frick and sixstringer Sebastian Schilling; both being part of the band from the beginning. And also Kai Mueller-Lenz on vocals is already in the band for many years.

If I compare the new record with the earlier ones the sound became more menacing and dark; reflected also in a new logo of the band. 

What I like with "Procreation of the wretched" is the diversity the band delivers with the ten tunes. They easily keep the tension high throughout "Procreation of the wretched".

My personal fave on the album is the partly slower kept "Corporate hatred". The riff is a mighty one and the slower pace in the beginning increases the intesity of the track. The first third is a grooving one before the pace increases again which makes the track an irresistable listening experience.

Another great anthem on the record is "Megacorpse". It's a highspeed train on a merciless journey that cumulates in the 'megacorpse' chorus growls. "Your good shelter" is another piece that stands out. The track finds the right mix between speed and a galloping rhythm that is the base for the tune. It's a crispy death metal number that belongs to the highlights on Discreation's fourth album.

"Procreation of the wretched" shows that oldschool death metal can be also put into a contemporary setup. Merging American death metal with the European roots ended up in an album that is honest, fresh and kick-ass. Something to recommend.





  1. Planetary punishment
  2. Descending to abyssic darkness
  3. Megacorpse
  4. Procreation of wretched
  5. The hunter
  6. The cosmic shores
  7. Corporate hatred
  8. Decapitation marathon
  9. Your good shelter
  10. Dead certainties


Label: FDA Rekotz

Genre: Death Metal

CD review DISCREATION "Procreation of the wretched"
Tag(s) : #Discreation, #Death Metal, #Thrash Metal, #Heavy Metal, #News, #CD Review

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