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CD review ANTI-FLAG "American spring"

Veröffentlicht am 24. Mai 2015 von Markus W. in Anti-Flag, Punkrock, Punk, Rock, Alternative Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) That good music also can contain a message is something Anti-Flag is proving since the 90's. Of course they aren't the only ones, but they are consistant  and also a signed contract with the major RCA couldn't change their mindset.

Also on the new album "American spring", the first for Spinefarm, is full of ambitious, challenging and critical lyrics about the current state of society. It's fourteen meassages for your brain merged with a sound for your heart.

The music of Anti-Flag is still fascinating. There is no weak song on "American spring". Each of the 14 tunes hits bulls eye. Straightforward and uncompromising punkrock is again the carrier for the message. 

"Fable world" kicks off the album. It's a fast track with a catchy chorus that gets you directly into the longplayer. "The great divide", a song about the addresses the enlarging gap between rich and poor, doesn't give you a chance to take another breath. The less than two minutes long song is without any decoration - it's pure energy only.

"Brandenburg gate" completes the starting triple. Compared to the first two numbers "Brandenburg gate" is kept in a more moderate pace with a very melodical chorus that could become a live classic of Anti-Flag.

One of the most oppressive songs the band has written so far is "Sky is falling" that picks up the topic of drone attacks.

A track I like as well is "Walk away". Due to the booming rhythm and the melodylines the anthem lingers in the memory. "All of the poison, all of the pain" is another piece that stands out. It grooves like hell and you can't stand still while listening to this track.

The shortest number on the album is the furios "To hell with boredom". It's a 48 seconds long power pack which brings punk rock back to its essence.

"American spring" is the tenth album from the Pittsburgh-based band. The four-piece is still hungry for good punkrock music and this is what they taped on "American spring". Combining this with a message is something that rounds off a valuable piece of music that I can recommend to everybody who loves Bad Religion and Green Day. This world needs bands like Anti-Flag. 





  1. Fabled world
  2. The great divide
  3. Brandenburg gate
  4. Sky is falling
  5. Qalk away
  6. Song for your enemy
  7. Set yourself on fire
  8. All of the poison, all of the pain
  9. Break something
  10. Without end
  11. Believer
  12. To hell with the boredom
  13. Low expectations
  14. The debate is over


Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Punk Rock

CD review ANTI-FLAG "American spring"