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CD review THRUST "Reincarnation"

Veröffentlicht am 6. April 2015 von Markus W. in Thrust, Power Metal, US Metal, Heavy Metal, News, Lizzy Borden, Omen, Liege Lord, CD Review

(8/10) Thrust stands for 80’s metal from the US. The band from Chicago, Illinois was founded in 1981 and had a split record and two demos on their credit side. The debut “Fist held high” was published in 1984 and after that it became quiet about the band.

The music of Thrust can be best described as US metal that can be compared with powerhouses like Lizzy Borden, Omen and Liege Lord.

In 2002 the four-piece appeared again on the metal surface and released “Invitation to insanity”. After that it too 13 more years to hear from the guys again. Metal Blade releases a “Reincarnation” – which contains the debut plus the tracks from the “Solidarnosc Rock for Poland” split album. The second CD is the never released “Reincarnation” longplayer that contains another ten songs.

The two records got some add-ons. "Fist held high" includes the mentioned four live recordings that come with an authentic and good quality – considering the time when those have been recorded. The album also contains "Destructer" from the famous Metal Massacre IV sampler.

"Reincarnation" comes with some demo recordings as the cherry on the cake. The quality is OK and everybody who had some tapes in the 80's can recognise this sound. I like it since this sound is for me more than that; it is a reminder to former times.

Thurst delivers superb US metal that is full of power and cliché. Song titles like “Thrasher”, Heavier than hell” and “Posers will die” couldn’t be better chosen for this kind of music. This is real headbanger stuff that smells like denim and leather.

If you are looking for oldschool US metal – this release should be yours (if you don’t call it your own yet).





Fist held high

  1. Fist held high
  2. Overdrive
  3. Freedom fighters
  4. Metallic attack
  5. Heavier than hell
  6. Thrashers
  7. Torture chamber
  8. Poser will die
  9. Iron gates (live)
  10. The wolf (live)
  11. Feast of flesh (live)
  12. Hard rider (live)
  13. Destructer (Metal Massacre sampler)


  1. War
  2. Scream girl scream
  3. God only knows
  4. Hypocrite
  5. Never too young
  6. Wasted
  7. The fool
  8. Get crazy
  9. Cheater
  10. Fit of rage
  11. Insanity (Instrumental) – demo
  12. No mercy – demo
  13. Rockin the night – demo
  14. Back on the street – demo
  15. Evil redeemer – demo
  16. Psycho killer – demo
  17. Fist held high – demo
  18. Stand up and fight – demo


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: US Metal


CD review THRUST "Reincarnation"