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CD review MOTHER'S FINEST "Goody 2 shoes & the filthy beasts"

Veröffentlicht am 1. April 2015 von Markus W. in Mother's Finest, Rock, Hardrock, Soul, Blues, Crossover, News, CD Review

(8/10) Is there anybody out there that doesn't know "Baby love" from Mother's Finest? I can't believe this even though the times when the iconic band released this classic is far back in the 70's. The 70's, this shows how long the band is already in business.

A long time before the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Living Colour 'invented' crossover Mother's Finest already played this energetic mix of hard rocking guitars, funk and soul. We are talking about the period between 1977 and 1979 when the band released excellent albums like "Another mother further", "Mother factor" and Mother's Finest live" with an extraordinary version of the mentioned "Baby love".

But the mentioned hit was also a bit of a burden since everything Mother's Finest released since then was compared with the classic. This might be also the case many, many years later with their new album "Goody 2 shoes & the filthy beasts" that comes via Steamhammer/SPV. But the new longplayer has enough new things to discover and explore.

First important thing to mention is the fact that the main pillars of the band are still around. Mother's Finest was founded by Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy and Glen "Doc" Murdock. Both are still the drivers of the band. Next to the two founders there are two more members from 'day one' on board. Guitarist Gary "Mo" Moore and bassist Jerry "Wyzard" Seay are still part of the journey that also includes drummer Dion Murdock and second six-stringer John "Red Devil" Hayes.

The album makes a lot of fun and has the potential to become a party soundtrack. The opener "Angels" kicks-off an album with a murder groove. Just listen to the bassline and you know what I mean.

The first single was "Shut up"which is one of the highlights on the record. Starting reserved the tune builds up towards the chorus that is just a killer. 

"Another day" belongs to my favorites on the album too. I like the dynamic rhythm with the modest integrated guitar. No headbanging music. Mother's Finest brings more body parts into motion.

But Mother's Finest can also perform the more silent tunes. "Tears of stone" is a power ballad per excellence that is really touching. I was reminded partly to Heart in the 80's.

The band also plays with different vibes in their songs. "Take control" has an exceptionally gloomy touch that fits very well. The song is a cool rocker that could be the next single release since it is a very catchy tune.

If you're a fan of crossover music and curious for the roots of this gnere you have to listen to "Goody 2 shoes & the filthy beast". I am positively surprised about Mother's Finest. Good stuff.





  1. Angels
  2. Shut up
  3. She ready
  4. Cling to the cross
  5. Another day
  6. Tears of stone
  7. All of my life
  8. I don't mind
  9. Take control
  10. My badd
  11. Illusion/Satisfaction/Born to be wild (live)


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Crossover

CD review MOTHER'S FINEST "Goody 2 shoes & the filthy beasts"