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CD review KISKE/SOMERVILLE "City of heroes"

Veröffentlicht am 17. April 2015 von Markus W. in Kiske Somerville, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Symphonic Metal, News, CD Review, Sinner

(8/10) Even though the project is called Kiske/Somerville it is Mat Sinner who is the creative head behind this collaboration. Together with Magnus Karlsson Sinner signed to be responsible for the songwriting, with one exeption. "Breaking Nepthune" was written by former After Forever member Sander Gommans and Amanda Somerville herself.  This makes the melodic number also a bit different from the rest and sounds from the guitars like the latest releases from Within Temptation. 

The album starts with "City of heroes" - a tune that belongs to the harder ones on the album. It has a good groove and the interaction between Kiske and Somerville works perfect. It shows, that they have had already more projects together, like on the debut but also with Avantasia. They belong without any doubt to the best singers in German metal and this is what they clearly underline on "City of heroes" - the song and the album.

"Walk on water" starts mystic before the catchy chorus invites for a sing-a-long. With "Rising up" the album contains another harder track that comes with a great hookline.

A number that stands out is the ballad "Ocean of tears". The tune is full of sadness but also transfers some hope. The way how Kiske and Somerville interpret this track is just magic. You can feel the emotions which they put into the track. Another moment to explore how good those two voices fit together.

Next to those quiet moments there is some faster stuff on "City of heroes" too. "Open your eyes" and "Run with a dream" belong to this category. The last mentioned one comes also with a heavy riff that gives the song a good dynamic.

To conclude: "City of heroes" belongs to the better projects initiated by Frontiers Records. Not for nothing this longplayer is already the second one. It is a pleasure to listen to Kiske/Somerville and Mat Sinner is in the meantime also a surety when it comes to music. He stands for quality and I wonder how the jack in all trades can handle all the projects and bands he is involved in. However, fans of the involved musicians and supporters of melodic metal will love this album and can easily go for it.





  1. City of heroes
  2. Walk on water
  3. Rising up
  4. Salvation
  5. Lights out
  6. Breaking Neptune
  7. Ocean of tears
  8. Open your eyes
  9. Last goodbye
  10. After the night is over
  11. Run with a dream
  12. Right now


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

CD review KISKE/SOMERVILLE "City of heroes"