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CD review APOCALYPTICA "Shadowmaker"

Veröffentlicht am 11. April 2015 von Markus W. in Apocalyptica, Heavy Metal, Chello, Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(9/10) The first time I came in touch with Apocalyptica from Finland was in 1996 when they released their "Plays Metallica by four cellos". Listening to those eight thrilling arrangements of Metallica classics was like a new world that went open. Metal music with cellos wasn't something that you could think about at that time. Now it became real.

The big question was, if the four piece from Helsinki, Finland could also convince the new gained fans with own songs. Or was it just a flash in the pan? Almost twenty years later we can clearly conclude - yes, they can convince fans with their tunes. Thorughout the years the band constantly increased their fan base. And it is the  diversity in their sound combined with musical and technical skills that makes the guys so interesting. They never denied also their faible for classic music which led to the excellent "Wagner reloaed" release two years ago.

Now it's time for their newest masterpiece called "Shadowmaker". Twelve songs are part of this longplayer that has a new element. After having had various guest singers, like e.g. punk icon Nina Hagen, the band worked for the first time with one vocalist throughout the entire album. The choice was Franky Perez who signed responsible for the vocals. After having heard the album I must say that this was a good decision. His vocals fits perfect to the songs on "Shadowmaker". His range is from very fragile to almost growl-like screams. This adds a lot the songs he is involved in.

The longplayer starts with an intro called "I-III-V Seed of chaos" that leads to the first 'real' song. "Cold blood" transports what the title demands. It starts with a cold vibe, before it becomes more melodic.

The first two highlights are "Shadowmaker" and "Slow burn". Perez can show all his capabilities and the track reminds to bands like Alter Bridge. There is a general menacing vibe that comes with the track that is one of the best Apocalyptica songs.

And "Slow burn" is even better. Powerful and sinister the song is a mix of Tool and the before mentioned Alter Bridge. Alternative metal at its best. This song slowly crawls into your brain and you can't do anything against it.

Next to those tunes there are the instrumentals with purely the chellos in focus. The melancholic "Reign of fear" is one of those as well as the faster "Riot light". The best instrumental though is "Till death do us part". Starting as a sad death march the song has an unexpected explosion half way that is an appreciated curveball.

The album is rounded off by the a sphereful and solemn "Dead man's eyes" which almost gives you some tears in your eyes. The most emotional moment on the album and a well chosen closer.

A track that is a bit more average and less exciting compared to the other great stuff is called "Sea song (you waded out)". 

Apocalyptica did everything right on "Shadowmaker". Good songs, a good singer, the branding chello sound and some great artwork. Glorious future.





  1. I-III-V Seed of chaos
  2. Cold blood
  3. Shadowmaker
  4. Slow burn
  5. Reign of fear
  6. Hole in my soul
  7. House of chains
  8. Riot lights
  9. Come back down
  10. Sea song (you waded out)
  11. Till death do us part
  12. Dead man's eyes


Label: Harmageddon Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review APOCALYPTICA "Shadowmaker"