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Live review JOE BONAMASSA, Amsterdam, 10.03.2015

Veröffentlicht am 12. März 2015 von Markus W. in Joe Bonamassa, Blues, Rock, Hardrock, Live Review, News

Looking on the amount of times Joe Bonamassa comes to Amsterdam gives the idea that he really like to be in the biggest Dutch city. And he actually also said it feels like a second home to him. The intimate expression of the March show underlines this very much.

This time he came back with his band to play a few shows in the Carre Theater before he moves further to London to play some shows there too. In total there are five concerts planned for Amsterdam, spread out over six days.

Tuesday 10.03.15 was the first date the first one of this impressive package. The special thing this time is the location. It is the Koninklijk Carre Theater which is an older venue in the heart of Amsterdam. It opened in 1897 and in the meantime it hosts different event, from cabaret to blues rock. And that's what was on the agenda for this night.

Bonamassa started with an intro right on time into the show. What followed was almost 2,5 hours long concert that was very impressive. Excellent blues rock songs in all nuances have been facinating from beginning to end. The musical perfection combined with a lot of feeling marked the almost perfect symbiosis of brain and heart. It was more than entertaining and time was flying in the Carre theater. The show contained everything from hard blues riffs to silent guitar sounds. I wasn't aware that you can play guitar that silent. You could almost hear a needle falling on the floor - that silent Bonamassa and band mates handled their instrument just to shake the audience a few seconds later with an enormous blues eruption.

Of course it was Joe Bonamassa why the audience found their way to the Carre theater. But it is important to also mention the band that build the foundation for Bonamassa's guitar to shine. They have all performed on a high level as well and it is especially Reese Waynans I want to lift out. He got one with his organ and a of the highlights of the evening was the solo duell of organ and guitar. A fantastic moment. But also the horn section and the rhythm section did an excellent job. Eight musicians playing together tight and right to the point. This was music in perfection.

All in all it was night that was special. Excellent music performed in a special environment that made it for me to a night to remember.

Joe Bonamassa will still play shows till Sunday and if you have the chance to go there - just do it.



Location: Koninklijk Carre Theater, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: 10.03.2015

Photo: Caroline Kube

Photo: Caroline Kube