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CD review THE RESISTANCE "Torture tactics"

Veröffentlicht am 2. März 2015 von Markus W. in The Resistance, Death, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

( 8/10) "Scars" has been released 2 years ago and now it's time for some new stuff from Swedish The Resistance. For the ones who might missed the band so far - it is Jesper Strombald (ex-In Flames) Glenn Ljungstorem (ex-In Flames), Marco Aro (The Haunted), Chris Barkenjo ex-Grave) and Rob Hakemo (ex-M.A.N.). This quintet stands for quite some experience and this can be heard on the new album. "Torture tactics" will be released end of February and comes with ten songs. Six of them are new ones. Next to those there are four bonus tracks on the album - two from "Rise from treason" and two from the earlier mentioned "Scars".

The new songs are uncompromising ones that are straight to the point. This means that they aren't too long. But they are very intense and the mini album provides you with 30 minutes of brute death metal. 

The opener "For war" hits already bulls-eye. It's a raging track with intelligent tempo changes. The booming rhythm section gives the tune a murder groove that is excellent headbanger stuff. "Dead" takes the same line by being a bit slower than the opener. I was reminded to Nightrage when I heard this song. "Cowards" and the angry "Deception" add to the positive impression of this EP. And also "The burning" doesn't take any prisoners. This is probabaly the most brutal track on the EP. Good to have a kind of a break with the insturmental "Dying words".

As mentioned, the EP has also four songs from earlier releases which show the The Resistance continues their journey. 

The mini album is a bridge till the new longplayer will be released later this year. It contains six new tracks that are all good. I have to admit that it took me 3-4 rounds to get into the EP. After this time investment things became pure fun. Fans from The Resistance and Swedish death metal will enjoy this release. 





  1. For war
  2. Dead
  3. Cowards
  4. Deception
  5. The burning
  6. Dying words
  7. Slugger
  8. Expand the expire
  9. Face to face
  10. I bent you break


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Death Metal

CD review THE RESISTANCE "Torture tactics"