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CD review THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN "Cold was the ground"

Veröffentlicht am 16. März 2015 von Markus W. in The Midnight Ghost Train, Stoner Rock, Rock, Hardrock, Southern Rock, Sludge, CD Review, News

(8/10) New stoner stuff from Topeka, Kansas means that The Midnight Ghost Train has been in the studio again. Yes, they recorded a new album that got the title "Cold was the ground".

The Midnight Ghost Train's interpretation is a bit different from the most other bands in this genre. It's mainly the rough vocals from founder Steve Moss that enriches the sound of the band. Moss' way of singing is raw and sometimes close to growls while the guitar riffs are based on what bands like Kyuss started years ago. This combination makes the album exciting since you can explore those new nuances within eleven new tracks.

The responsibility for the rhythm sits with Brandon Burghart (d) and Mike Boyne (b). Both guys are doing a very good job too which you can hear in songs like "Arvonia" that is build in a heavy bassline. 

Talking about the mighy bass I also need to mention "Straight to the North". The bass in the beginning introduces the song before the guitar and the drums join in to make the track to a groove machine.

The highlight of the album is the faster "BC trucker" that feels like a steam train locomotive with its overwhelming energy. It's hard to extract yourself from the impact of this tune.

"No. 227" shows how Motörhead would sound if they would play stoner rock and the following "The little sparrow" presents the band from a total different side. Reduced drums and bass are accompanied by spoken vocals are the incrediences that make the tune a cool rocker. I actually was reminded in one or another way to Henry Rollins' "Liar" - just without the brutal sonic eruptions.

"Cold was the night" is a cool longplayer from a band that isn't that well known yet. I hope this changes with the new release. They would have diserved it.





  1. Along the chasm
  2. Gladstone
  3. BC trucker
  4. Arvonia
  5. One last shelter
  6. The canfield
  7. Straight to the North
  8. No. 227
  9. The kittle sparrow
  10. Twin souls
  11. Mantis


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Stoner Rock

CD review THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN "Cold was the ground"