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CD review MOTOR SISTER "Ride"

Veröffentlicht am 6. März 2015 von Markus W. in Motor Sister, Mother Superior, Anthrax, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) If you read Scott Ian being part of a band you first think about loud and raw thrash metal since he's one of the main pillars within Anthrax. But his musical range is much bigger than only being put into the box of 'thrash'. The guitarist from New York has also some more projects that keep him busy. He had recently a spoken words release but he has also a faible for hardrock. His participation in The Damn Thing showed this already pretty good and with Motor Sister the journey in hardrock continuous.

The way how Motor Sister started was an unusual one. It was nothing that was planned. It was more something that just happened. It was Ian's fiftiest birthday party that was the spark for Motor Sister. Out of a jam session with Mother Superior, where Scott Ian joined in, the whole thing developed further. The guys had a lot of fun, the birthday party was a big success and in the end the guys decided to record songs.

The name of the new band, Motor Sister, is of course connected to the start of the 'adventure'. "Little motor sister", a song from Mother Superior, was the inspiration and became the header for this new project/band.

When it comes to the music it is hardrock what you get - with a bigger blues component included. The result sounds pretty cool since we are talking about 'diesel and dust' rock'n'roll. This is hardrock with energy and warmth that is fascinating to listen to. The eleven songs on "Ride" sound real and very authentic what makes them to an great listening experience.

The songs on the album aren't new one's. The album contains 'only' cover versions of Mother Superior songs with a focus on the "Moanin'" album. More than half of the songs are from this longplayer, that includes the great pushing "Fork on the road" - one of my favorite tracks.

So, since it is mainly a 'Best of Mother Superior" re-recorded by a bunch of well-known musicians you might ask the question, why this recorded is needed. The simple answe is: It is fun. It gives you a good time and I guess it was the same for Scott Ian and friends. Long live rock'n'roll.





  1. This song reminds me of you
  2. A-hole
  3. Beg borrow steal
  4. Fool around
  5. Get that girl
  6. Head hanging low
  7. Fork in the road
  8. Pretty in the morning
  9. Whore
  10. Dog house
  11. Devil wind


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Hardrock

CD review MOTOR SISTER "Ride"